Oh Happy Day!! Winter is OVER!!


I won these beautiful bows!! From Twiggle box......

Yes... "I won the rainbow of Bows" from 'Twiggle Box'......

How sweet are these bows... although I do not have a small girl to wear them, I do have my niece JoJo who lives in Kuwait.. she and her mommy will just love them...
Thank you to "Twiggle Box"!!!  


Fly into Spring "Swap"

          I am so excited to be entering my first "Spring Swap".....

Any of you can be in the "Swap"... just look to the right, on my side bar.. and link on over there and join in!

I will be getting word who my "Swap Partner" will be.. I need to get together a box of "Spring goodies".. things I think are the true meaning of "Spring".... how exciting!
Ok... here I go........................To my "Partner in the Swap".... your 'Care package will be on it's way"!! 

All for the love of Shoes... my shoes!!

I might as well admit my faults, right off the bat... "I Love Shoes"... all shapes and styles... I wear ugly sneakers and flip flops and pointy toe and 5" heals.... I can't stop buying shoes....

I thought of getting a 'pedi'for these photos... but I looked, and my 'frenchie' seems to be ok.. so here go's!

this pair of sandals are so cute on... but much too flat for me.. hurts my back!

This shoe is one you will find me in most of the time... "I truly hate shoes on my feet" unless I must have them on... in the house, I wear nothing, but for running errands I will wear a simple pair of flip flops.. not the rubber ones you will find at the beach.. no no!


You might find these on my feet for the grocery store... they are so comfee!

Now on to the 'big girl' shoes.... I love strapie shoes for the nights, and also to wear with my good jeans!

Then there are the 'classic shoes'..... my favorite are the simple 'black and red' classic....

I'll have to admit... trying to 'take photos' of my shoes .. on my feet was a bit of a challenge but I so enjoyed doing it... the only one I did not get are my 'garden shoes'... no one wants to see those.. their so dirty and ucky...I did manage to get out today and bought some new 'garden boots'.... take a look!  I can wade in the creek out back in these.....

Now that I've taken all these photos.. I need to get my feet in the soaker and do a pedi for myself.. refinish the frenchie on my toes... maybe clip a bit of nail... hmmmmm  ... I love shoes!!  Pretty, Girlie shoes....


March 18th,,, show me your shoe party!

Show me your shoes Party... come on, join in!!

Here are some options of what you can do for the party:

  • Create a post about your favorite shoes and model some of them for us.  Show us your shoes in your closet!  (And yes, flip-flops count as shoes.  I LOVE my flip flops and my Payless wedges.  Your shoes do not need to be designer to participate; they just need to be loved.)
  • Go shoe shopping.  Try on those dream shoes (Jimmy Choos?) and take pics of yourself doing so.  Yes, the salespeople will give you suspicious second glances, but who cares?  
  • Do a post of your inspiration shoe file.  What? You don't have an inspiration shoe file?  Make one up and post about it.
To get us in the shoe mood let's drool over some cuties, shall we?