Remember them all, on this "Memorial Day"....

 As of 05/24/13: Number of Operation Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom & New Dawn casualties as confirmed by US Central Command: 6679

And to all the Men and Women who lost their lives so we could be free.  
"Bless You"


The OKC Tornado, my daughter and family survived .... Thank you Lord!

 I was watching the news and they put out the Tornado Warning for OKC... so I called my daughter and gave her the warning... "Oh Mom, we always have tornado's here"... she and her Coast Guard husband just moved there from Guam  5 months ago.
We talked for a while then she said "her Coastie came home, he sent all his shipmates home to care for their families" then while we were talking she said,, "Mom the sirens just went off, we need to get the kids in the Safe Place, bye for now.  
Her bedroom closet is a solid steel structure.
With terror I watched all that happened on CNN.    Then Gina called me with terror in her voice and told me of their horrible half hour in the closet.  The sound will never be forgotten along with the crys of her 4 small boys.  They ventured out of the closet,  peeking out the windows and saw the houses across the street, gone.  Her yard totally full of debree.. they could not get out the front door.  
Her house was spared?

"Mom, OKC is gone".... they had all of a 16 minute warning.  They did have a battery radio but had no photos to confirm the devastation.  The street behind them, all homes gone!  The school one block away totally destroyed.   Each new bit of information had her getting more and more shocked.  The Medical Center where her now 2 month old was born is totally destroyed.
We did manage to speak several times but she had to conserve battery power on her cell,  my heart was so grateful they were spared.

Mom we have no electric and don't know what is going on, can you send me photos or videos?  I did, to her cell, from CNN and she was totally shocked...  "I failed my children" she cried to me.  We were told to get underground and I did not know my neighbor had an underground shelter!  If our house was hit, my children!...  I did all I could to calm her but I'm sure her heart is in so much pain and shock.

We have not talked this morning, again I'm sure they are trying to conserve cell battery until they can find somewhere to plug in but I know they are ok... Her husband walked to the school last night and did what he could do to help... This is just horrible. 
And I worried about them while they lived in Guam, earthquakes three times a week.
Lord take care of all those poor people who have no homes, and their families are suffering.
"Thank you Lord for sparing my children"


A beautiful morning to wander the yard and the OKC tornado's.....

This past week has been a hard one for me... not only stuck indoors but recovering from a really big surgery and today I had to get out in the air and sun.  I've been on pain meds so walking as if I had some balance and sense was out of the question.. was rather funny to see me really.

As I first stepped out on the back deck the Mandevilla was blooming in the most beautiful color of red.  
Then I could not believe my eyes but the Gladiolus bulbs I planted just two weeks ago were as high as my hips.. should be in flowers soon but I'm wishing they would hold off for another two weeks since I entered my yard in a contest.. ?
 Then there is the Trumpet tree in full bloom.  These flowers open as wide as a tea saucer and so beautiful.
Not too far from the Trumpet were the Day Lillie's stretching towards the sun.  In another few days the area will be full of beautiful orange flowers.

 Everything out back is so beautiful and green and this alone really made me feel so much better.  It's good to get back to normal.  Another week or so I can get my hands dirty and pull some weeds that managed to sneak in while I've been indoors.
 Last but not least is the Gardenia bush... totally in bud with a few flowers blooming.  I wish you all could smell the air outside my front door.  Some may even say "It's too powerful" but I love it!
 Ok, back inside and sit still for a few more daysThe Mr. was yelling at me for going out there but as all of you know the fresh air is the best thing for healing.  

I got a phone call from my daughter yesterday, "Mom there is a tornado over our town" (She lives in OKC)... as she and her family went into the "Safe Place" in her bedroom.  Her master bedroom walk in closet is a totally square box steel storm shelter, with 5 dead bolts inside to keep the door from opening.  It houses not only their clothes but their Storm supplies...Makes me feel so good knowing they have that room.

For those of you in the path of all those storm, "Stay Safe" 
"Have a wonderful week everyone" 

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