Quilt Shop

I read on a fellow bloggers web site, a few weeks ago,  about a "Quilt Shop".
Not just any quilt shop but a huge shop.. She also said it was near me!

I'm really upset with myself for not saving her name or her blog! I'd love to say a proper  "Thank you!"  So please if your reading this.. send me a message!
She was so right, this shop was just wonderful.  My sister and I must have spent two hours wandering around wanting everything we saw!
  We both fell in love with "Rainbows End" quilt shop in Dunedin, Florida.

 click below on the URL for the shop... 

The above quilts are just three of what seemed like hundreds, you will find hanging from the rafters.  The woman who owns the shop now for 23 years makes these quilts in her back sewing room and displays them over the fabrics you can purchase to make your own.

 Accessories and notions up the waa-zoo!

Once you have walked through the first part of the shop you go into the Christmas Room and they have so much to choose from... the inventory is huge!

You can also purchase your fabrics pre -cut  in tiny to large pieces called
"Jelly Rolls"
No work involved there!

Here the clerk is cutting my fabric. I purchased enough to make myself a Queen size quilt.  I chose 5 prints in greens.  I might add, my fabric came from the 'Sale' room and was 50% off.   My quilt may take me a few months to get to,  with all the projects I have going for Christmas !

Here is my sweet sister who came to help me out for my month of recovery.

Look at all the patterns and books....

The Advent Calender was one of my purchases today.... It's so cute and has little pockets for toys or candy... it's going to my three grandsons in Guam.. hopefully I'll get this done before November comes to an end.
I also might add.. the prices are really wonderful... the Advent Calender panel was all of $6.50 and I have the backing fabric in my fabric box and  inside batting also, so now all I need to do is make it!

If your ever in Dunedin, Florida you must stop in this shop! This lady has Everything you need to do some serious quilting.....

Happy Crafting all!

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