Speical Visitors

"It's Summer"  

What do you do when 10 family members (two families) all come for a visit? 
You turn the living room into a bedroom for the nights.

The door of the fridge opens every 5 minutes as a kid looks for something new to appear!

When the line forms at the stove by the ever starving child, paper plate in hand.

Find a place, then sit before someone else gets the chair!

When the best made outdoor plans are scrubbed by three days of rain,,, 
never ending rain!  
The crafts come out!

Then the cookie making begins. 
That took up about three hours of time....

You know their getting bored when the baby starts playing with a spider!

 And 5 laptops, 4 iPads,  5 iPhones and numerous games are all fighting for space on the wifi!  Yes, I had to call the cable company to get it up and running,  again!
Lord let the sun come out!
I live on the beach for Gods Sake!

Then the family photographer said,,, "Time for a family picture".
Getting 14 people in place was a job in it's self and took about two hours of our time.

Then the kids and adults made cow costumes and headed out to "Chick-fil-a" for the free food day.... they made paper cut-outs,  but once there found out all their work was only for an appetizer and not a full meal... Only t he full cow costumes got the meal... but it was fun!

I had the pleasure of my daughter from Guam and her husband and three boys. Also my Niece and her family from Ohio and Saudi for a weeks visit.  That was an extra 10 bodies in my little townhouse and the one family that showed up first got the guest room with the queen bed and the other, the living room!

Of course the sun came out today and the family from Saudi had to leave but I do have the family from Guam for a few more days. Their young son asked as the car left the driveway, "The other family is gone, can we have the bed now?"

This has been a great week"
G'ma is happy!