"Happy Armed Forces Day"

 To all who serve, both past and present.
Where would we be without you?

"Happy Armed Forces Day"


It's day 6 of a radical surgery.....

It's day 6 of my recovery from surgery and I'm so glad to be past it all.  This really hit me harder than expected.
What I had done ........

 Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy; Laparoscopic Supracervical  ... it is called a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, uteroscaral ligament colposuspension cystoscopy and anterior and posterior colporrhaphy.

Boy that is a mouth full. 

I did not intend to talk about this on my blog but today's news of "Angelina Jolie's" decision to have a total mastectomy has me thinking even more that I made the right decision for myself.
Over the years there has been so much cancer in my family. My mom, her mom, and her 3 sisters all had one form or another of a deadly cancer.
I've been living with the fear and although each year I had the testing done to detect cancer in my system this deadly disease seemed to have jumped my generation and went on to my then 22 year old daughter (today she is 44 and doing great) who was diagnosed with  cervical dysplasia and part of her cervix removed at such a young age.

This past few years I've been suffering with a very large fibroid and it gave me such problems and after talking to my doctor we decided to remove it along with my uterus and since there was so much cancer to be concerned with we also removed the ovaries tubes and part of the cervix.  The reason why only part of my cervix was removed,  we needed to use the remaining part  as an anchor to reinforce the vaginal wall that was prolapsing from the weight of the volly ball size fibroid. (yes I said Volly ball)  You would never have know I had such a large fibroid as I wear a size 6 slacks. Where it was hiding is beyond me?  I lost 8 lbs since the surgery!

I could have lived with all this until someone told me I had cancer but like "Joli" I was not wanting to wait for that to happen and when the news of her surgery came  today I wondered how she would feel of having the surgery I had.  She is young, 37, and she may still want more children?  Her Breast Cancer percentage went from 86% down to 5% and that is a lot.  The article said she was not thinking of removing her ovaries (her mom died from ovarian cancer at a young 56yrs) at this time.
My surgery just put my breast cancer scare down by 50% as all the reproductive organs are connected somehow. 

I'm feeling so good about what I had done and now can look to the future without this one worry.  
I'll have to tell you all, this type of surgery has left me in such pain.  Just today I got up and walked around without my hot pad pressed against my tummy.  I am still on the pain meds but I can think clearer and that is a plus.  I was told it will take another few weeks until I'm back to normal but my mind is at ease for once in many years.  

Since the news came out today about "Jolie" there is also more talk on how many other women have chosen to do this sort of elective surgery to save their lives.  It may seem radical but we all deserve a long and happy life.  
If any of you have had this on your minds talk to your doctors and look into your family tree.  As I said before I had 5 women in my family die from these reproductive cancers and this was a large part of my decision although not one had Breast Cancer.  Two did have ovarian?  I don't have that worry any more.

I'll be taking another week or two then will  get back to blogging.  
Take care of yourselves.