It's Thursday Dec 4th and once again I'm saying "I've been away much too long"

This past week was spent in the hospital. My Cardio Doc tried to remove some
over used leads in my heart but without success they must remain.. he put in two
new leads and a new pacer and today I'm coming back to life and able to think
without all the pain meds and feeling sore but happy!

The Holidays are upon us and I was fortunate to have my daughter and sister
here with me to put up the Xmas tree and the outside decorations before entering
the hospital so I'm set!  We all agreed to not buy gifts for each other this year but
did get a good size box in the mail for my 4 grandsons last week, so I'm done and
can now just sit back and rest while I heal.

Wishing all a wonderful Holiday Season and praying for the family and friends
of those hurt or killed this past few days in California... I'm trying so hard to not
think such things are happening over and over.  It's just something I have no control
over right now but feeling so bad about it.

Let me get through this next few weeks and will post soon!


Karen said...

Hello Sandy! So good to see you again! I'm sending you all good wishes for great health!

Bint Batotah said...

Im so glad your back home and feeling better !!!! you will be up and driving to garage sales soon! Love you so much Aunty !!! XOXOX