Chocolate, sweet rich, tempting, Chocolate...

All of us have one problem or another and mine is "Chocolate"....
Just walking through the check out line of the grocery store leaves me weak when I see the chocolate. You know the ones I'm talking about, M&M's, Heath Bars, Snickers and many others that look at you and you can hear them crying, buy me, buy me!  Although I try to look the other way, one or more of those little goodies ends up in my cart and then into my purse. I am good though, not eating the little wonder until my late night snack...
Now, I must admit, being very picky about my chocolate, the one I do gravitate to is the 'Dark Chocolate'. 

Most countries serve chocolate on party tables during happy celebrations.
Welcoming all to visit the 'New Baby Girl'
I always have to laugh at 'Cordial Cherries'. It's been around every Christmas season, since I was a little girl... this is one variety of chocolate, we eather love, or hate.

 A beautifully decorated box of chocolates usually greets the guests entering a wedding reception.

Or you may find a simple plate of assorted chocolates on a buffet table.

No matter how these little sweet morsels are given, they are received with a smile and maybe a yuuuummmm.
This is the season for "Chocolate" No matter how it's given and received .....

But wait, were not finished yet.... Here comes Easter and yes, more chocolate... yummmm

Ways to show your love.

Now this spells love..... 
The time spent on special ideas to show your Valentine how much you love them

       We dress in something special for that 'Someone Special'                 


So many of us had a 'crush' on a  special Teacher 

I always loved the cards given by children
and the gifts they create, that say
"Happy Valentines Day"