Turning a Potting Bench back into a Wine Rack that is full of memories

I've had an old Wine Rack - Potting Bench for almost three years now and finally got around to refinishing it.
This piece of furniture has special memories  as my friends husband gave it to me a few weeks after she died from a horrible cancer.
Ingrid told me this once was a very cherished piece and was used for their wine bottles at different homes, in different countries.  But in one of the many moves with the military they lost the drawers and put it outside on their deck.  It was now a potting bench and with stood years of weather but the bones of the piece were in great shape.

 First thing I did was use a good cleaner and took the hose to it, let it dry then used a fine grade of sandpaper trying not to take off most of the patina that resulted from the years of rain and sun.
After looking into my stash of left over paints and stains I found a nice pine color stain.
 I did not  put much energy into applying the stain. A simple paint brush and let it soak into the dry wood.

 I love how the stain went over the green color on the legs of the piece and soaked into the spots where the green was worn off.  It mixed together beautifully.

One coat of stain was all I used then once it dried I applied a simple clear satin varnish.
Now to find a way to put in a shelf where the drawers once were.  I did take out the gliders that held the drawers and I'm still trying to figure out how to put in the wood?  
The piece is finished and will stand in my dining room reminding me of Ingrid and how she enriched my life and how grateful I am for knowing her.

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God Bless America

Each 4th of July I sit back and think of how thankful I am for being a born an American Citizen.
My younger years had me living in the Middle Eastern Countries because of my pilot father. We only spent a few months at a time in the states for vacations or visiting relatives.
Seeing first hand how other people live and how they are dictated to by their governments made my first thought at the age of 19, "I'm going back home to the states to live".  I want to drive a car and wear shorts.  Just be me and do as I please!
 I don't care about paying taxes because we have well lit streets and school buses, clean parks, and social security for our elders.
If I did not have health insurance I could call EMS and they would take me to a clean emergency room and  treat me anyway.
I get so angry when I listen to Americans who complain about everything they think is wrong with this country.  I say they have never lived in other countries so they have no idea what their talking about.  Especially now that the elections are getting hotter.  Thank goodness we can have elections and choose who we want to serve our government!  
We can also pray openly  to who or what we want.

"Kiss the ground" of this dear sweet country is an understatement when you return to such freedom.

It boggles my mind when I think about how many Women and Men have died so we can be free.
God bless each and every one of them!

Now go forth and "BBQ"

"Happy Birthday America"