From Trash to Treasure. My little trashey table turned into something special...

"Here is the before"
 It was time and weather worn, peeling and just  dirty.

 While visiting my daughter in Jupiter, Fl a few months back we took our daily walk and found this sweet little table in the trash.  Cyndi is still a bit timid about picking up trash, but me, I grabbed it and carried it several blocks to her home.  It  went in the back of my car and just yesterday I thought it was time to do something with it.
 "What a sweet little bed table this would make"  
So I bought some spray paint.  Not any spray paint but the good stuff.  This one had a built in primer and it said 
"No sanding needed" 
That's my kind of spray paint!

 I learned from the label under the table it was hand painted in India. I'm sure when new this was quite nice. I chose to leave the information on for future knowledge.
 Once the cleaning began I also learned this table is not made of perfect wood.  From what I could tell it was particle board of sorts and it really felt like heavy duty card board.  The original paint on top was wearing away and sanding was out of the question.  I took my chances and sprayed it anyway.  It's still a bit lumpy but the paint went on so well it's really not bad for what I want to do with it. 
 Once I added a little vintage table cloth it looks great!
Perfect shape and size to use on the bed for my laptop.

 Or for a cup of tea in the evenings, with a snack.
 I added a little vase with flowers from my garden.  
Yes, here in Florida the flowers are blooming on this beautiful spring weekend.
 What is it they say, "From trash to treasure"  
This little table is perfect and is indeed a treasure to me.
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Knitting for the little's......

I think my #1 craft is knitting.  As most of you know I just flitter from one thing to another trying to get my home just so and then doing for family and when a small child needs a sweater then I'm the first to make one.  I love knitting because it's one of the things I can do while sitting.  My hands hate to not be busy.  This little sweater is a 3 to 6 month size and my new little grandson will be the owner once I get it in the mail..   Notice the letter 'H' on the front.   
That's for 'Henry'!

 Once I had all the pieces knitted and stitched together I simply weaved all the threads into the wrong side of the garment. 

 Looking at the finished sweater I saw 'It needed some color and two little white buttons.  JoAnns had such sweet little patches for babies clothing and I chose a happy little green turtle.   A few hand stitches to secure it near the bottom of the letter 'H'... then the 'piece de resistance', well you know, 
"Grandma Loves Me"  
For some reason I use that saying on everything I make for the grandkids.

Today started out rainy and chilly but the sun came out in the early afternoon so I went out and did a bit of gardening.  Our temps for the next few days will be in the upper 70's and I'll be doing yard work for the weekend.
Everyone get out in the sunshine if you so happen to get it and enjoy the warm feeling in your bones!

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Roxburgh Fig, and it's fruit season in Florida

Using this sunny day to it's full advantage had me walking.  
We have a park in the Tampa Bay area that has a section devoted to fruit trees and herbs and this day the fruit trees were blooming.  
Now I've seen fig trees but this one, the"Roxburgh Fig" was a bit odd.  Normally the fruit grows on the upper branches once the flowers fall off This tree was different. Notice the fruit is on the bottom trunk.  Look how big the fig was Some grew as large as a golf ball and a few were baseball size.  Now I'm a lover of figs and use ethem often in my breakfast shake and I'd love to taste one, but being the good person that I am  I respected the "Do not take the fruit" signs.  

  I have bananas growing in my back yard and mine produce maybe two large bunches but this tree has hundreds of small fruit bursting on the large stem.  Amazing!
I wonder how many of you have ever tasted a Loquat?
My mom made Loquat Jelly when I was young.. it's sweet and on the order of an orange (without pulp)  and a pear. I'm really not sure how else to describe it?  Eating it just off the tree is a bit too tangy for me but made into jelly is so good!
I also wanted to show you the grapefruit trees out in the back of my property.  It's been a while since I've walked out there and just noticed the trees are showing rather large Grapefruits.
 The only problem the trees have never been topped and are rather tall (it's more like a jungle out there) and I  just can't get to the tops to pick all the fruit so I'm afraid they will just fall and rot. Maybe I could convince the Mr. to take the ladder but then I don't think the 6' ladder is tall enough either?  Such a waist!
There is nothing more wonderful than organic fresh fruit right off the trees.  I'm still wanting to sample the "Roxburgh Fig".  Might just go back to the park and ask if they would mind my taking just one?
But tomorrow I will be having one of those wonderful grapefruits with honey for my breakfast.  
(yes, I did get three)

* * * *
Had to update my photos.. the above is this morning and I can't tell you how sweet and juicy this fruit is.  Wish I could share!

* * * *
 If you can, get out in the warm sunshine, go! 
 It's such a mood booster and clears the mind.

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How to make a fast, tasty, easy cake... really easy!

I found Mr. N  looking in the fridge for something sweet and the only thing he could find was jelly.. so he put some strawberry jelly on bread and stood there making a frown.
That was my signal to make a cake.   I dug in the pantry and found a simple 'white cake mix'... hmmmm?  All I could do was bake it then think about what to do next?

Rum Emulsion, that will change the flavor somewhat.  I put a heaping teaspoon into the batter, let it bake then cool.
Wanting to do more than simply put canned frosting on the  cake I first made a simple syrup of pineapple juice and sugar, along with another teaspoon of the Rum Emulsion.  I brought the syrup to a boil to let it thicken, then spooned it over the cake and let it soak in.

Rum emulsion is on the order of vanilla flavoring.  It's much thicker and has a real rum flavor.

For the frosting, I chopped pineapple being sure to drain out the liquid as much as I could.  Mixed  it into the frosting and then spread it on the cake.
Then put on the top layer of the baked cake and topped it off with the pineapple frosting mix. No need to do the sides, there is enough flavor to please anyone wanting a sweet in a hurry.
The final touch, a few chopped Maraschino Cherries just for a bit of color and an added flavor. 
I even thought of chopping a few nuts for a garnish but there were none in the pantry. 
( mental note, replace nuts in pantry)

I'm happy to say this satisfied the Mr's sweet tooth, in fact he came back for seconds.  I'll have to admit I also had a piece and found it so nice I'll be making it again.
Now that I'm thinking about it next time I may put a bit of brown sugar into the simple syrup, sounds like it might just kick it up a notch.  Give it that pineapple up-side-down flavor?
Making a new recipe is one of my favorite things to do and this one passed the taste test with flying colors.

 This past week was full of family life and it has tired me out. 
 A death in the family, a new baby in the family and my sister flew home after her winter visit.  
Deep inside I'm somewhat depressed, sad or what ever you want to call it.  I think tomorrow, if the weather is kind, I might just go out in the yard and plant a few new flowers.  I need the feel of the sun and Mother Nature's kind hands on me.
 A new week is upon us and life is good.