I think knitting and crochet has made me lazy... I need to get outside in the yard!

 The winter months have kept me in the house a lot and all I've been doing in the way of crafting is knit and crochet.  I need to get outside and do a bit of painting and refinishing but knowing my new grandbaby is coming soon and being so excited about it's arrival I've been making all sorts of needed items.
My daughter has just began to accumulate all that she will need for her new little ones arrival the first week of April.   As I said in previous posts this will be #4 for my daughter and after her third boy she packed away all the infant things but they were lost in her move from Guam back to the states.  She needs to start all over with everything from clothing to crib.  So Grandma has been busy.
This latest gift is a really soft bulky knit crib blanket and pillow.

 I used bridal satin for the fringe  and backing on the pillow and it really makes it  special.
 The little bear will be on the package bow.

 Another gift was a set of Onesies that I put a photo of the babies brothers, you can see how I did this Here  and the really sweet and soft Terry Bath Set  Here

 I have more items that I have made and will post them soon.
 I'll tell you, it's been fun for me to create gifts for the baby and it's so nice to do for a child who is going to #4 in a family.  This baby needs and deserves to be treated as if it's the first.  Maybe it's a good thing all the past baby  items from #1-2 and 3  were lost. (wink)
I think this week I'm going to force myself outside to give the grass some fertilizer and maybe pull a few weeds.  I need the exercise to say the least because I'm feeling so lazy.


These are my brothers, Onesie New Baby gift . . .

There will soon be a new baby in our family.  
This will be my 5th grandchild.  And the gender is a big secret from all of us.  As you can see my daughter has three small boys (my 4th grandchild is my sons girl)  and this new child will remain unknown until birth.  The baby's brothers want a boy because they need another 'team' member (football, basket ball etc)  but I'm sure if a girl comes along they will love her and  be very protective of her.   
I've been putting a box together of baby gifts, each that I have made over the past several months and this one is special. I wanted to make something for the new child to wear home from the hospital and what better than a onesie with the little ones  brothers on it.  I also have made a layette to go over this onesie (sweater, hat and booties) and will show that another time.
 This project started out giving me trouble.. the parchment paper refused to go through my printer but now I'm glad because I bought some good transfer paper that will stretch with Tee fabric and all I had to do was iron it for about 3 minutes and it is very washable.
I put the words under the photo of the boys
"These are my brothers" and another with the boys and their dad.
I used a 3  month size onesie because my girl is known to have large babies, and then added a 6 month size tee shirt for later. 

 I'm quite excited for the arrival of this new baby.  Being #4 has not gotten lost in the shuffle, everyone is going to welcome her/him as if it's the first, especially (her) brothers.
Did I say that, her?