No spending February challenge....

My friend Pat over at Corn In My Coffee Pot has inspired me to have a 
"No spending February"
Yes, 28 days of spending no money!
What did I do yesterday?  Went to Michaels and bought sock yarn.  This is the year to learn to turn heels.  I have great knitting skills but those darn heels have always been my downfall and I need someone to sit with me, give me a visual of how it's done, to figure it out!  It's like I have a mental block! 
That and driving a stick shift are my only two vices!
This challenge of no spending February sounds easy but then think of all the dollars spent each day on things I really do not need.  
It's only 28 days right!
I realized today was a luncheon date with a few friends.. can I just have soup? That can't be much money?

My sister and I talked of going to "Epcot's Spring Garden Show" and this is only an hours drive
from me but the cost of the tickets is out of this world.  With tax it's $97.00 per person. Thankfully it starts on March 6th.  I totally recommend it to anyone who loves gardening.  They say HGTV will be there this year with some of their stars. Wonder if I can bring a little plastic bag for cuttings?  No, I promise I'll be good!

Let the challenge begin.
"Happy February Everyone"


It's Strawberry season in Florida and I made some really good Jam...

Driving home from my weekend in Jupiter, Fl my sister and I were on RT 60 going west.  We came upon mile after mile of strawberry fields being picked and of course we had to stop at one of the numerous stands on the side of the road and buy some.

A half flat was more than enough for making jam (6 pints) and getting them just hours from being picked was the best part.  Also the 1/2 flat was all of $5.99.... great price!

I used a simple recipe and the best part of making your own jam is,, no additives!  I only used strawberries, sugar, a bit of vanilla and fresh lemon juice.  Through out the year I like to make different jams and marmalade's  then store them in the fridge. You can see my last batch Here

Look at my strawberries in all their bubbly goodness.

Clean the jars and fill with the thick gooey jam while hot.  Lid them and wait for the popping sound.  Done!  Took me all of an hour to complete.
This batch filled a dozen jars with some juice left over to use in baking or put on ice cream..  I've all ready given a few jars out to some friends.

 We have been having some high winds today. They say it's from the heavy storms that swept through Oklahoma all the way east into Georgia.  
To all of you in the path of those tornado's 
"Stay safe" 

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A beautiful sunny day in Jupiter, Florida

 While the northern states were suffering cold and snow I was enjoying a beautiful sunny day in Jupiter, Florida.    My sister and I took a long weekend to daughter #1's  home in this beautiful beach community and I'll tell you, 
"I'd move here in a heart beat"
 Just around the corner to this beautiful public beach was the Coast Guard Station and the Jupiter light house. 

 We did get out of the car to take the walk up the hill to get close but the whole area was closed this day.  
We were able to get a few photos.
 Then we drove to a residential area called "Jupiter Island" and of course it was gated and they would not let us in no matter how hard we begged.  People like "Tiger and Celine" live here and the homes were huge.  We did manage to get a shot of this fisherman reeling in his catch across the bay.  Look at this house.  Wonder how many rooms were in there?
 Then we took a nature walk around such a serine and calm path. 
 Cypress trees grew out of the water.   
This was a great day and we took full advantage of the weather.

One more thing.  Although I was visiting my daughter that did not mean I didn't  look along the curbs for some good junk!  Look what I found just teetering on a trash pile.

This little step stool of sorts has an elaborate decorative paint job and on the underside is  an original tag saying, "Hand crafted in India".....  It's nice and all but I see it as a laptop or tea table in white, for my bed... once I'm finished with it I'll post a photo.
Ok, my teeny vaca is over so now back to real life!
Tomorrow is garden time for me.  The weeds have taken over!
Until next time ((hugs)) 

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