I found myself wandering around my yard today, taking photos of all my 
(what I call) 
"Little People"

I lost a friend this week to Cancer... that horrible disease that takes so many people before they are able to get old...
Being outside, close to Nature gave me a bit of peace. It's not easy hearing about a friend loosing her battle with cancer.  She fought so hard to recover from two brain surgeries in  two years.  I think the surgeries were more painful than the cancer.  Makes me think hard about what I might do, or not do, if I were ever to have cancer diagnosed?  The so called cure is worse sometimes than the cancer.

 This little lady greets all who enter my driveway.

 This bunny was the first ornament I put in my yard when I first moved in.  Found it at a garage sale for all of .25 cents.  

 Many of my plants are blooming and the colors are uplifting somehow.

 My fountain, a gift from my Niece,   I've kept in the house   not wanting the weather and rain water with it's minerals to clog it. 
 Purple Shamrock blooming.

 This little guy is romping through the Wandering Jew and the Green Shamrocks.

 Can you see the Lizard on the right wing of this little guy?

 My little Angel sitting with a bird in hand and a Hibiscus at her feet.

 The warm sun felt wonderful today.. I needed it to help me come out of the fog I've been in since my friend Dana died... Much too soon.
I know my sister is feeling sad today.  Wish I could be with her to offer a bit of comfort.  She and Dana went to High School together and remained friends for over 40 years.


 My special Angel.  She sits on my back deck just outside the kitchen window.

 The little fat piggie...  is so heavy!

Little birds scratching in the pot full of Chives. 
I lost a friend this week.. Cancer is ugly and no one should suffer like that.
This one is for you "Dana"

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"Dana our friend"

 "Dana Skydiving"

An unfortunate update..... Dana fought a hard battle from her cancer and I'm sorry to say she passed away the other night.  I wanted to send Love and Blessings to her Family and Friends.  She will be missed by so many.  Such a sweet, good woman who spent her adult life as an RN helping others......
"God Bless and Keep You Dana"

* * * * * * * *

I'm sending this post into cyber space... asking the Gods to comfort and take very good care of our friend "Dana".   She has been suffering for two years now from Brain Cancer and has been so brave.  Several surgeries, chemo and so much has been done to her.  This past two days she has been given the tender care of Hospice....
Dana is a life long friend who we first met in High School.  My sister Dolly and Dana walked the halls together, shared lunch and classes together then went their separate ways until a few years ago when we all met again.  

The above photo was after her first Brain Surgery.  Dana wanted to do her bucket list and skydiving was crossed off her list.  She has lived a wonderful life   this past few years and had the pleasure of a wonderful loving family to be with her through it all.   She never complained and smiled each and every day even though she was suffering.

I'm sending all the "Good Vibes" I can muster to "Dana"  She is not able to talk now and her daughter said "She is in want of nothing".  Her family is with her and she is very comfortable surrounded by their love.  

"Much  love Dana. God's speed"


I'm a Winner

This past week has been full of wonderful things for me.  Then yesterday I got word from  "Jessica @   

She told me "I won her giveaway"  The prize, "4 tickets to Sea World Orlando"!

You bet I'll be using these this summer... my sister will be here and we sure need
some good R&R.... I'm also going to ask the two girls that  live next door if they would like to go with us  (I know for a fact they will say YES)  we are planning the trip already.  An all  girl road trip, how fun!

The best part, Orlando is only about two hours  from my home in Clearwater.  Although I  have  been there quite a few times,  I  will always love  that theme park and  I can eat my way from one food stand to another as I make the rush  to see the shows...  The trainers   are now going back in the water with Shamu  so that will make it extra special!

"Thank you so much Jessica" 

I'm going to Sea World!



Floor Reveal

 I found myself walking out of the suite of Doctors offices with the silliest smile that would not go away.  When I opened the door to the waiting room, about 10 women were all sitting like I was just an hour before, waiting their turn to get their breasts looked at after a negative mammogram the week before.    I'm happy to say the Radiologist came to me and said.. "All Clear". After a comprehensive test she said,  "It was just the roots of a mole" (she used more medical words but that was the jest of it)  that I have had for years!
While walking into the waiting room I held my smile, but it came back and the sad, scared faces of the women in the seats could not take that smile away.  As I opened the outside door all I could do was wave to everyone, let them know "My results were good" and wish them all luck as I felt so foolish almost skipping!  Some smiled, some looked at me as if  I had two heads.
All the way home I smiled at everyone and everything.
Today is the best!

I came home to see the floor was almost finished.  This has been a long week for me. Between worry and wanting my house back to normal.. but not that normal. I wanted the new floor finished.   
Here he is "The man of my dreams", Mr. Duncan.  He worked hard for three days and did a wonderful job.  While I was making both Mr. N and Mr. Duncan lunch he saw my smile as I cooked the taco meat (turkey)...  "You look like you had a good morning" he said.  Yes, "This is a good day" I had the best news this morning and besides, Your here.  Poor guy thought I lost my mind!

As each room began to show the finished look I started bringing all the stuff, pillows, lamps, nick-nacks from the upstairs.  Time to get the place back into shape.

Let me warn anyone who has never lived through "New Floors"  installed on an entire floor!  What a mess!  Everything except the heavy furniture had to go upstairs.

But Look at the results... I'm one happy camper today!

Mr. N told me to just leave the mess and 'we' will do it tomorrow.... haha!  How could I not start putting it all back together? It took me the better part of 4 hours but "I did most of it".

I'd like to tell every woman who keeps putting it off, "Go get your Mammogram"!
Although I already have the number one killer of women, "Heart Disease" and "Heart Failure" I went to the Doctors as soon as I first felt the symptoms,  and now live with a Pacemaker/Defib  implanted.  I feel fine now but the thought of Breast Cancer scared the wits out of me?  
Please don't put off seeing your Doctors when you feel odd.  We take feeling well for granted,, but when that "one" twinge hits we say, "It will go away" and do not get it checked.  
"Don't do that"!  Run to the Doctors.  Let me get off my soap box....
Today is the best!

I'll be joining