Saying good bye to "The Pier" in St. Petersburg

The people gathered on the top level of "The Pier" today to say good bye.  St. Petersburg was celebrating Memorial Day and the town was full of beach goers. I'm sure thousands came and went all day to take part in all the activities going on, there was even a ski show.
After 50 something years this pier in St. Petersburg Florida has been a perfect spot for locals as well as tourists to visit.  Every day through out the year it's busy in there.  Shops, restaurants and an aquarium are (or were) housed inside the large building at the end of The Pier.  This was my 'go to' when visitors came down from the north.
 The Pier jetties out into the Tampa Bay sitting right beside the Coast Guard Station and I for one will miss it.
 At the end of the drive to The Pier is a spot that is so much fun... you can buy fish and feed the Pelicans.   Just hold one and dozens come flying in to be fed.  I wonder where all of these business will go after today?  I did read some will relocate and some simply closed their doors.. such a shame.
 There is another design in the works for a new pier but it's been going back and forth between the citizens here.. some like it and some don't.  So the city council still has not made a decision as to the design.  I know everyone wants this one to stay but it's falling apart and will cost so much more to fix and repair than to build a new one.  
Tonight there will be a big send off, fireworks and parties all evening on and around The Pier... No, I will not be there but I bet it will be fun.
 And on another note...
This mom and grandma is breathing a big sigh of relief this past week... in a previous post I told about how my daughter and her family survived the Moore, OK tornado. You can read my post Here
 I've never been so afraid for someone I love as I was that day.  Gina said yesterday "The boys have calmed down and getting back to normal" and that makes my heart sing. 

"Have a wonderful week everyone"