The Eagle Family

For all of you who would love to follow the development of an Eagle family check out this URL.

The baby chicks were hatched in the past three days high atop a tree at the Fish Hatchery in Decorah, Iowa.   Its a live stream 24 hrs a day and so interesting to watch as the chicks grow then fly away.

I took these photos off the site with my iphone so their a bit grainy... Here is dad bringing in the rodents for the family.

Watching this is like a Science Lesson... so if you have kids, this would be a great way to spend the weekend....

Have a great weekend!


stair case

Of all the projects going on in my house I think the Staircase is the one I'm happy to finally be finished with.  This was more work than I bargained for.  Pulling the ugly old carpet was what I dreamed of for about two years...

Then the wood showed it's true colors and needed sanding.  Lots of Sanding.  

There were many gaps between the floor boards and when I sanded the dust fell between the cracks into my downstairs hall closet.  Under the stairs is my store room. You know the kind, that you have to crawl under... What a mess it became.

After sanding as much as possible I  put on a coat of white primer then began cutting the molding be to put between each stair. Piece by piece were nailed and glued. 

Once I had it totally primed and caulked the first coat of Porch Paint went on and it started to look good to me.... I'll tell you, after the first  week  of this I was sorry I started it!

After searching the local stores for some simple stair treads I finally found a set of 12 on line for a reasonable price.... could not find U-tacks in white so I had to spray paint  black ones.

They did the trick. I measured each tread, to be sure they were perfectly in place then tacked away.

  Next step was a new chandelier to replace the small dome light that hung high up above.

This light was so bright it required  dimmer switches.  There are three light switches. One on each level of the stair and after one was changed out, the other two did not work?  I may have to call in an electrician to see what is up with that?

I've taken a step back wondering what to do with the landing.  Do I put a carpet? Do I put some of the wood flooring that went throughout the entire downstairs?  
There was not a throw rug available to match the treads.
I did think of putting another coat of the paint then using 'boat varnish'... it's really thick and will withstand all sorts of wear and tear?  The search is on for an answer.

For now I'll just admire all my work.  Getting started is the hard part of any project like this one but after three weeks now, I'm so happy I did this.  It's nice to walk down the stairs in the dark. No need for a light, it's so bright and cheery.

May sound silly to some but "I do not wear shoes in the house" and now my feet are always clean with the carpet gone!
"Now that is something to smile about"

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Shopping in the year 1900

I spent an hour or so reading through the "1900 Sears Roebuck Catalog" the other day and how interesting it was.  The price of each item, the same ones we buy today, really had me wanting more information... I realize the cost of living made the prices and they had no middle man during the process of building, sewing or making each item.. it was simply shipped to each address directly from the point of origin.  It's just how each item is almost exact to today's model.... not much has changed except the style and of course the technology.

The "Kenmore Sewing Machine" is something we still see in Antique Stores.. 
Look at the price of the original.  $14.95
Take a look at this "Stradivarius"... these sell today for hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Yester-years version of the "Video Camera.  Can't slip this into your purse.

The first "Oven Range" so big and heavy and $26.50
I'm sure there was a lot of time energy, not to mention Steel put into this.

Every Lady needed a new fancy pair of "Genuine Leather Shoes".

Lets not forget her "Drawers"

Isn't this the chair that sits out on the porch at "Cracker Barrel"?

Now this item... I really have no idea what you do with it? "Electric Belt"
From what I read, it's Medical? What is the extra piece, (looks like, well I don't need to say it) on the front of the belt?  The paragraph say's "Tired of Drugs"?

There were so many items for sale in the "Sears Roebuck" catalog. 
This catalog was the only way Americans had to purchase what they needed for every day life, other than the little general store in town.

What is the "Electric Medical Belt for"?  Anyone Know?