My Bathroom Reno.. part #1, the linen closet.

 Every home has many spaces.. each with it's own purpose.
I'm going to talk about the "Small little Closet" in my Master Bath
This closet is used about as much as my pantry in the kitchen.
"Look at this shameful space". When the townhouse was built you would think the contractors might have thought this out better?
Of all the rooms I truly care about, it's this little space.

Somehow I can make it better, somehow I can smile when I open the door, to reach for a towel or some soap.
This is the one spot in the house that "I need to be both useful and attractive"

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My entire Master Bath is being re-done. New everything, Sink, Counter Top, Mirror and I'm going to try my hand at using the "Epoxy Paint" to change the color of the Tub and Tile. (If that does not work , or if I make a mess of it,then it's going to be replaced with new.

But first, the "Linen Closet"
It's small and very oddly shaped. The worst part of it is the 'wire shelves'. They do not hold much thanks to the 'bar' that holds it to the wall... "I hate wire shelves"!  They are put in almost all homes.  I have been on a quest to eliminate them since moving into my townhouse.. I did do the pantry the same year I moved in, and two of the bedroom closets....but "My bedroom" is next, and this past week I finally got to the linen closet! 

Below, is the pantry...I was not expecting company so don't look at the contents, just the shelving.  I spent three days putting the wood shelves in, using "L" brackets to hold weight!
Let me add one thing "I love a "Pop of Color" in my closets"
Makes it more inviting.


 Enough of that.. lets go back to the bathroom "linen closet"!

The first thing was to remove the wire shelving... this was so easy,,  "I just pulled" and it all came out.. (homes are made so well you know).. then had to use the screw driver to remove the remaining screws....
Then I had to patch the holes before painting....

Then to the "Home Depot" for more wood... had the man cut the wood for me... except he could only do the straight cuts.. I had to do the angles. (don't you just love the panel saw?)

 Let me first explain something.. "I love to not spend money, at least a lot of money". The inspiration for this project started when I found a good piece of wood in the trash... my neighbor was doing some work in his house and tossed a really good 'left over'. I took it home... measured what I needed then to the Home Depot for two more shelves... I found two scraps in their pile and they cost me all of $2.00... so the entire project cost me a total of $11.41 (that includes paint).....are you impressed yet?

I spent a bit of time at "Ikea" this past week and found such a happy color there.. Green, "Geico Green" was the color. It was shown with white, and the room set up was sending out "Grins and Laughing"... so this was my choice for the linen closet....


Then I used a 'Shiny white latex semi gloss' paint for the shelves.

As I said at the beginning, the closet is a "Very Odd Shape" and I had to measure the shelving.. the easiest way to do this was to put a piece of news paper on the floor of the closet and make a pattern. Then I put the pattern on the wood using my sharpie to trace the pattern.. then cut the odd shape with my trusty jig saw.
I'll tell you.. this was a very easy job.. and I have so much more room to store my linens! I love the "whow" you get when you open the door to the closet, and "I'm happy now"... phase 2, will come soon... the entire master bath will be getting a make over and I'll be sure to post it here....but, in the mean time.. take a look at my finished "Linen Closet".

Silly, I know!  Sometimes "I just sit and stare at my work and smile".  The Bath will soon go through some more makeovers.. the vanity will be painted "White" next week.. but in the mean time.. "This is my favorite space",,, really.. the only part of heaven where a mom can find peace and privacy!
I'm a simple woman,, don't need fancy or extreme, just cozy and nice looking makes me feel so peaceful inside.

Where is your favorite space?


Simply Brilliant Idea!!

There is not alot in the world that really gets my attention.. I mean crafting is one thing.. how many new
bows or how many chairs can we strip and turn into new?? Well I saw this idea and it blew me away! Simple Idea that can change the way we do things.. Homes with children,, books, toys... shelves!! Today I have to Feature two blogs I ran into,.... the first is...."Ada Brown" ... this blog told me of this idea... then turned me onto the woman who did this!!   Take a look!
Look at this... these are "Rain Gutters"... they are on the side of my house!!

For your kids room!! Why did I not think of this years ago when I had kids and toys and books all over their room??

Here is the link.. Please go take a look at her blog and if you are like most of us with children.. this is such an amazing idea..