The Vase

 I'm a very simple person when it comes to decorating.  I know so many people go for the fancy or elaborate way of design but I like clean and also things with meaning to me.
A simple terracotta pot with Ivy on the guest room wall.

 I received a bouquet of Roses a few years ago and needed to save them. I hung them upside down on a string and let them dry... then put them in a simple glass jar in a basket.  The little bear family is very special to me. After my mom died my family gave me this as a memory of her grandchildren sitting on grandmas lap.

 On the staircase landing, a simple large pot with dried sticks.

 I love Tulips and had to put a bunch in a simple urn beside a stitched memory sampler from my sister.

 There is something I love about blue bottles... simple flowers tucked into a few.

 This little coffee cup is my most prized possession.  It was sitting on my moms night stand, half full with her morning coffee when I came home from work,  to find she had passed away during the day.

 This wonderful fountain was a gift from my sweet Niece Mothie.. it was ment to be put in my garden but I thought better of letting the weather destroy it... It sits next to my stairs with a bit of Ivy.

 Another memento, a vase that was given to me by Mr N's mom.  She will be celebrating her 100th birthday this November.

 Again, Tulips  
They are the perfect orange color and until I find another simple flower of this color, they will stay there.

A blue glass juice pitcher that belonged to my mom.

Simple things make me smile.

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The Winds of Irene

As "Hurricane Irene" started it's howling way up the coast of Florida we got some of her winds and rain.
During the night she breezed past Florida, she sent the best winds and some rain into my area and thankfully, 
Irene did not want to mess with Florida...

She did blow down my one Banana trees with fruit, not yet ready for harvesting.

The only thing I could do was chop the remaining stock down.
I have a butcher knife saved from my catering days and it's so useful in the garden.  Banana trees are just a "whack" and down they come.

The stump will dry and fade away, only to have a new baby come up in it's place.
I do have another banana tree flowering.  From this point of blooming I estimate December for it to be ready to pick it's wonderful fruit.  Just in time for my annual gifts of "Banana Bread" to the neighbors for Christmas.
Although this bunch of bananas are not yet ready for picking I read that if you put the bunch in a dark room for at least two weeks it should ripen without any problem.  This bunch was estimated to be picked at the end of September so it has a few weeks.....
Right now it's in my store room just sitting there.. I will tie a rope to it and hang it today.  Then wait for the first sign of yellow.

One good thing came out of Irene,  we this past few days have a nice breeze and the temps have dropped to give us a bit of a break in the hot steamy weather, we have been having for the past two months. We down here sit and wait all during Hurricane Season for the next one.. I did notice there are two  lined up like ducks out in the Atlantic.. Oh, that is for another day to think about...

I'm truly sorry for anyone who was hurt or lost property during Irene's rampage up the coast. Sending all the good vibes I can muster for everyone involved.

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Pushing Fall

I am a Pumpkin Pie lover and although I do make these special pies several times during the year... I so love the luscious texture of a good Pumpkin Pie.

Am I pushing Fall... yes!
It's been so hot here for several months and soon August will turn into September!  I'm so ready for it!

I went into my closet and took out a few of my beautiful "Orange" Fall decorations.  There sitting on the counter in my dining room waiting for me to get busy decorating... but, am I a bit too early?

After putting the pumpkin and all the ingredients into the mixer, the aroma really brought back memories of the Fall.

Rolling out the pie crust and it's sticky, flour smelling texture was a rush!

Then I poured the mixture into the pie crust... I was hooked!

At the last minute I took the tiny bit of pie crust dough and made the familiar pumpkin head..

Then the baking filled my home with that aroma.. the one only a Pumpkin Pie with it's wonderful spices could do to fill our senses.  
Cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

It was not easy for me to let my pie cool... After the day was over I slipped downstairs and cut a piece.. took it up with me, then had the first fork full.  Call me a glutton but I had two slices... with whipped topping!
Fall is almost here... bring out the Orange colors,,, the Fall Leaves and all the trimmings.
"I'm So Ready"

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You know he loves you....

When he brings something like this home....
For no reason!


I'm sorry to say, "It's not mine"
My son gave it to his wife.

Tiffany 1837™ interlocking circles ring in  18k gold.
The couple  just transferred with the USCG to Sector Juneau.
They are "Silly in love"
Nice, very nice!

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Our Celebrity

We have a celebrity living here in Clearwater.
At the "Marine Aquarium"

"Winter" the bottle nose dolphin who lost her tail in an accident at the tender age of three months.

I did visit with her about two years ago and was thrilled to watch this little lady swim without problem. Such an amazing job her trainers and her surrogate mom Panama, have done to help her get along without her tail.
Well, now that her movie has been made, right here at the aquarium and will be coming to a theater soon  in September, I thought of seeing her one more time.  
It's not every day I get to see a "Movie Star"

her story
Winter found herself wrapped tightly in a crab trap line, unable to escape. As a result of her entanglement, she lost her entire tail along with 3 vertebrae in her spine.  Winter found a permanent home at the Aquarium and with the collaborative efforts of her trainers, veterinarians, and a leading prosthetic team, received a one-of-a-kind prosthetic tail unlike anything the world has ever seen. At the time of my visit Winter was a  bit agitated and I was not able to get her photo wearing her new Tail. She was moved the night before into her new home in the aquarium, a brand new pool built just for her and her surrogate mom.

I was able to capture the photo below from the downstairs windows of the large pool.

I read this rather nice story while in the gift shop of the aquarium and thought I'd share it with you.

Winter enjoyed a special encounter with Army veteran Brian Brennan, who was seriously injured in Afghanistan, during Operation Enduring Freedom, when an IED exploded under his humvee. He miraculously survived and returned home a double amputee. Winter and Brian have a lot in common as they both survived life-threatening injuries, in spite of the odds. And just like Winter, Brian’s compelling life story has become an inspiration to others. Today, they helped each other. “I was very inspired by meeting Winter,” Brennan said. “She is missing a fin and I lost both legs—we are a lot alike.”

Winter  has a prosthetic tail but both of my visits to the aquarium, she did not have it on, so I couldn't get a photo. 

Keep your eye out for "A Dolphin Tale" 
staring Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, and Harry Connick Jr. 
 Should be out in September.

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