Fireplace wall unit....

I've been giving little snippets of my Faux Fireplace wall unit for a few weeks now and am happy to say "It's finally finished"... or at least almost finished. I have a few tweeks left and a touch here and there of paint in spots I might have missed, but, it's finished!  I  am so happy with the results.

My fingers have several bruises  and blood blisters from the hammer and my wrist is suffering a bit of pain.  It will all heal in time, but the smile on my face will be here for years to come.  Although it's been hot I have turned on the heat and it works!  I can't wait for winter to set in.. but in the mean time I can just use the fan and just let the glow of the flame surround my senses.   Now I'm thinking of buying a second  unit for the upstairs hallway.

From what I understand this heat unit uses the electricity of a light bulb!  
That is a good thing!

It all started with this 'blank canvas wall'.  The heater looks dwarfed against the wall and a fireplace is something I've always wanted in this house. The HOA will not allow me to knock down the wall for a real fireplace so this is the next best thing.
 I went to my local Home Depot and gave the cutting guy my measurements and he cut a 4' by 8' sheet of cabinet plywood. I bought nails, glue, wood filler and got to work!

(but first I said a prayer and crossed my fingers)
I also might add, "The only help I had was when Mr. N. helped me hold the wood together while I hammered"
(he thought I was nuts for taking on such a project) 

Here are the tools and items I used most to create this project.
Simple Items really, glue, hammer, nails, paint and a much needed measuring tape.

I had to take out the carpet along the wall, then put inside the surround two cinder blocks to give the heater a bit of height.  The Amish are very proud of their beautiful wood cabinet but I did not want the cabinet showing, I wanted a white wall unit.... it had to be hidden. 

I then Put together the book shelves on both sides.

Did a bit of hand sanding to smooth the wood then sat for a full day looking at the unit to see how I could make two half doors to allow the cable guy to get in and our getting the heat unit out, if repairs were needed.  After I cut the doors I found my measurements were so wrong.  I had to  cut off a fraction of an inch.. only to find "I cut it crooked"!!  There was not enough wood left to cut new doors so I did a bit of patching with wood filler.

This is when frustration set in and I had to walk away from my work for a full day.  Went shopping and cleared my head.
The next day, mind refreshed, I got the doors to work and put on a topcoat of primer. Also I found a little scroll decoration to add to the front of the face.  A little too traditional for me but it added something.

  All in all the entire project took me about 5 days.  I did not work non stop or rushed through it.  I found if you have the measurements exact and someone can cut the wood for you, it makes for an easy project.

After putting on two coats of Satin Enamel Paint I let it dry for two days then gathered items from around the house to decorate a bit... I think I want to get a lamp of some kind to stand on the book case.  Guess I'll have to do a bit of shopping this week.
Now I need to think about a new floor. Why is it that one project always leads to another.  Can't leave it as is now!

Under the old carpet is a slab of concrete. My thought is to take a piece of tile from the back of the laundry room and go find paint to match it...My entire downstairs has such nice "Spanish Terracotta Tile".  I'm going to simply paint the concrete   then get a large throw carpet.  I have a photo of one from Pottery Barn but they want about $900.00 for it.  I think not!  The search is on.
As I said, the entire project took about 5 days and I spent just under $100.00 for all the supplies and wood.  The Faux Flame seems to feel real when the room is dark and it is gives a nice calm feeling at the end of the day.  Did I tell you an added extra came with the fire heat surge, a remote to turn the flame high or low, heat has 5 settings and you can turn off the heat and just have the glow of the flickering flame.... 
One more thing,, I put down a new floor. A light wood throughout the entire downstairs....

Nice, very nice! 

I'm happy to be joining 

Saturday Night Special



I had to laugh when I read this article but they were so right about my state, "Florida"!
"Florida"  is the worst in "Identity Theft"!   This I do believe!  I had my identity stolen  several years ago when someone got the number of my ATM card after I  swiped it at a gas station.   My bank called me two days later and told me about it and said the FBI was  investigating... they also were kind enough to put back my $645.00 in a weeks time.
They told me the store, a gas station food store, is where it was used (the card was still in my wallet).. somehow the person got my number after I swiped it in the little machine at  the counter!   I also know several friends who tell similar stories here in Florida.   Several clerks have told me to never use my debit card, with my using my pin number at a gas pump.  Whoever,  can be standing behind me with a camera and click, while I punch in my pin. Always use your debit card, as a credit card and to this day  "I never use it with my pin number".

What state do you live in and do you believe what the map says about yours?

I think what they say about "North Dakota" is rather mean....All of you in "New Mexico" are "Anti Social"?   "Ohio",  your all a bunch of "Nerds"..... "Illinois" highest rate of robbery.   Yes, when I lived there my house was robbed!

Don't everyone yell at me all at once ... it's something my daughter posted today and I had to share!  What I want to know is "Where they got the stats"?

Here is the link...    

See what it says about your state..... 


Resting and Remembering....

Today I took off.. literally!

Got in my car and drove.  Made a few stops, shopped, ate things I had no business eating and just enjoyed the day!
I also remembered so clearly, my Mom.   Somehow I felt her sitting in the passenger seat beside me while I drove.   I could feel the smile on my face as we talked and laughed together...  She has done this a few times over the years, since her death.. spent some time with me.
This may sound silly to some while others can relate....

It was nice.

Once I was home I walked by the above wall sampler my mom made in 1981. It has hung in my home with pride since Mom died in 1998.   As I walked past, it seemed to draw me in..  guess Mom came in with me, after our ride.  The house on the sampler is a replica of my house back in Illinois.  Life was really good back then.  All my kids were young.   I was so busy and Mom and my brother Tom were both alive and well...

We all have to start somewhere and my beginning
started with my "Mom"... she always had a needle
or a hammer in her hand.  I can still see her making or
fixing something.  She also worked right beside me during

my days as a Caterer.  Nobody made cheese cake better
than my mom.

I have tried to teach my two daughters some
of my crafty self.. and yes, they both have
done some good work.. Cyndi can cross stitch
better than I.   Gina is now so busy with
three baby boys that take all her time.  She

home schools,  but manages to do a bit
of crafting in her free time.

Thank you Mom, for all your lessons! 

And Thank you for going out with me today....

Love you 




I started a project this past week and today "Total Frustration" has set in.

Fireplace Surround!

I cut two small doors, to  allow the cable guy or a space to remove the insert if needed repairs are required.   
I cut the doors wrong!  So I had to cut a fraction of an inch off each to allow them to close properly.... Well, I cut them crooked!  So I tried to patch the mess I made.  I just did not want to go buy more wood to cut new doors....

I patched the mess as well as I could with wood filler, then let it all dry.  I think it worked but that remains to be seen. Literally!  
Spent the day hand sanding the entire unit and used a primer as the first coat of paint. May re-sand tomorrow, depending on how smooth it is to the touch.
All in all, I'm happy with the results so far.  The room feels cozy with the faux fire going.

Rather than loose my mind, I went out in the beautiful weather were having and raked the leaves that blew last night. We had quite a stormy, thunderie night!  

Although I really like the look of traditional I did not want to put too many doo-daas on the face of the fireplace but I found a nice little face plate, a scroll of sorts and glued it on.  

I think after 4 days of non stop working on my new fireplace unit I need to walk away from it for a full day.  Tomorrow I'm going shopping for a few hours.  Might be just what I need to get the frustrations out of my system because the more I look at it, the more I see that needs doing.  The more I see wrong!

Tonight I'm thinking it might have made more sense to have hired a carpenter to do this job.. but so far I've only spent $89.00.  Way less than it would have cost to hire someone.  But then the satisfaction of my making it will shine through once it's done, the room put back together and the decorations set up on the shelves... yes, I will feel better.    But until then all I can say is.....


I think I need a hug!