A yard sale $5.00 lamp redone, and family ashes....

 Was nice to find this stock lamp (you must have seen this in every store in town).  I have two lamps that are starting to have switch troubles and although I love to buy nice lamps these two were used in spaces that did not require fancy dancy lamps...  For $5.00 I grabbed it.

 Luck was on my side and I was able to plug the lamp in at the home of the yard sale and found out it works really well. But, the gold was not my cup of tea.  Looking in my stock pile of spray paint I found a nice pewter color, one for metal and all sorts of finishes. 

 Before painting I used blue tape to cover off the areas I didn't want the paint to adhear to then got to work with the spray.  This was a nice sunny day but the wind was blowing pretty hard and it took me some time to get the paint to cover properly.
 There, so much better.  I also recovered the shade with a bit of burlap fabric.  Once I finished the shade I remembered that I did not take any photos so you all will just have to see the finished product.  
It works perfectly don't you think?

I have the 'new' lamp sitting on an out of the way dresser.  I call it my shrine to my Mom and Brother.  I keep their ashes where I can stop by and give them a shake from time to time.. I know, some of you may find this odd but it makes me feel better when I have something to say and share with them.

I always wonder how many people have the ashes of a loved one in sight, and  do as I do?
Funny thing, my brothers ashes were put into this Middle Eastern fragrance bottle some 26 years ago and I always wondered what he thought about being in such a girlie container.  Mom has the pleasure of a nice Wedgewood china covered dish. (big smile here).
It just makes me feel good and I don't find it odd at all because I sure miss them!

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Women with strength, power and the ability to bring down the rough....

There are a few women we know in our family that are 
"My Hero's"  

When things get tough these two step in and just do the job.  The woman above is an Alaskan State Trooper and she deals with all sorts of large rough men.  I find it amusing how she will confront guys 4 ft taller than herself and bring them down when they are full of liquor or just being mean and after subduing them she pulls out her "Pink" handcuffs and totally humiliates them by making them wear her bracelet as she totes them off to the slammer.
That my dear ladies is "Power"

 Then there is another woman who has worked with her K-9 in the Alaskan Mountains and the borders of Arizona confronting the rough and the strong.  I'm happy to say this one is my personal friend.
More "Power" here!

 My thoughts are if we women could take on their "attitude" no man or woman could hurt us. 
Oh the "Power" of a good attitude about ourselves will go a long way to helping us stay safe from the elusive harm that may be lingering around the corner.
Stay safe ladies and always be "Powerful" in your mind and bodies. 

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Rushing Spring just a bit with seeds....

 When walking downstairs this morning I was shivering.  It's been a chilly few months here in the Tampa Bay area, not at all normal for us. This is beach country after all!
   While turning on the oven to warm the kitchen then clicking on the fireplace (we do have central heat but who uses that) 
I heard on the news "It's going to 72' this afternoon"  
That was my q to get a few pots of seeds growing.
 I already have several large pots with established herbs and greens out in the back yard but I use loads of parsley in cooking and wanted to have as many new plants as I could grow.. so they along with other herbs were seeded then put out on the deck railing waiting for the sun to sprout them.
While I was at it I put in different flower seeds to scatter around in the flower beds.  It takes about 7 to 10 days for the seeds to sprout in pots then another two or so weeks till I'm able to put into the garden.   Mid April is my goal to get these little plants transplanted.

While surfing the net this morning I found this really cute garden wall art on Pinterest  and I have some old fan blades in the store room. Guess what I'm going to make? 
  This dragonfly will look amazing on the side wall of the house. I already have an old fence post for the body, now all I need is the spray paint.  
Now tell me, this is not the cutest thing you have ever seen! 
  (sorry to whoever posted the dragonfly photo on pinterest, I have no url to credit back)

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Letting your child soar is not easy but when you do....

 I woke this morning to this photo and all I could do was let the tears fall down my cheeks.
It's the first formal photo my boy has had done in quite a while.
What's a mom to do but let her heart swell with pride.

I can see his sisters smiling and saying 
"It's still dorkey Tommy"

This is how I remember you, as a little boy with such far off dreams. I spent a lot of time trying to clip those wings to keep you on the ground, then you grew into a man and I had to let go and let you soar.

"Bravo Zulu Tommy"