Our Obsession with Pumpkins....

We in North America have an obsession with Pumpkins.
The obsession with pumpkins does not start until October of each year.
Why don't we use this vegetable, a squash, more during the year?
When the pumpkin patches are bursting with this delicious vegetable we all rush out and buy one, or two, or ten.  Some for decorating, and some for cooking.
The way most of us buy our pumpkin is in a can. I can almost guarantee it will be in  our pantry in the next month, just waiting to be mixed with wonderful spices and evaporated milk, eggs then put into a flaky crust!

Some people go all out with their pumpkins.  Decorating seems to be the norm and the nuttier the better!

We carve our pumpkins in silly designs.

Or we might line our drives and walkways with lighted pumpkins.

Or we may paint the pumpkins to match our tablescapes.

We have pumpkins in ceramic.

Early American Folk Art

I'd love to have my tea simmering in this lovely Tea Pot 
We may make a table design out of our pumpkins.

We send  our unsuspecting children out on Halloween dressed as pumpkins.
 Then there are those who try to grow the biggest pumpkin in the land, for a prize!

 There are many different variety's of pumpkins growing. Oh the memories we create when we take the children to pick out their pumpkins.

Some are for food and some just grown for the fun of it.

Then there are those designs meant to scare us or make us go ewwww!

I'm not all that inventive and have a simple pumpkin standing on my front porch.  

This would have to be my favorite way to have pumpkin in my home.
 "Pumpkin Pie"
I made this one just last week. 
I may be odd to some but I bake them all year and top with cool whip.. now that is one of my favorite things and I don't wait till the fall for this delight!

As Pumpkins are showing themselves in just about every home in North America in the next few weeks, it tells me that America bands together to celebrate the Fall Holidays.
We are happy, loving, caring and giving. 

It's the best time of the year!

"Happy Fall Everyone" 

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I'm so ready !

I get excited when the Holiday Season comes around each year.  It's hard on a mom who spent years getting ready for the season, mostly for her children but now my children are out in the world doing for their families.  Makes me sad deep inside but I still don't deny myself the great pleasures associated with the Holidays.
One pleasure is my sisters annual visit.  she too has children spread around the world and her home is quiet so she and I have made a point of spending the Holidays together for the past decade.

Our one pleasure that we can agree on.
"Fruit Cake"
Not just any Fruit Cake but one from the "Collin Street Bakery" in Corsicana, Texas.
This Fruit Cake is to die for and the only one we buy. 
I know the stores are full of other so called Fruit Cakes but this one puts them all to shame!
This bakery sends cakes out to the White House and to the Queen of England and other destinations around the world!

I'll admit it's a bit pricey but it's our gift to ourselves and is worth every penny!

Our Mom introduced us to this wonderful Fruit Cake and we have kept the tradition going in her honor, with her way of eating this... First we get a small bottle of good Rum and every few days drizzle a teaspoon or two over this cake for the first few weeks. (that is why we buy it early)
It's amazing and strong so a teeny slice is all needed with a cup of tea!

I know most people hate Fruit Cake but for those who love it you must send away for one now!

 I am not collecting any endorsements for this post and am not trying to sell you, I just wanted to talk about this wonderful cake! It's the kind of sweet you bring out for guests!
I'm ready for the Holidays now and my sisters visit. One week from today she will be making the 24 hr flight to get to me. I'll be at the airport with bells on to greet her!
(the bells on part is a family joke)
Bring on all the Holiday fan fair and the chilly weather!

I'm officially ready for you "Dolly"!


"Thank You",,, thank you!

I'd like to send a "BIG Shout Out" and "Thank You"  to my bloggie friend "Pat" over at

 Southern Living Cook Book Giveaway!

This past week she so graciously hosted a giveaway and 
I Won the "Southern Living Cook Book"
It came in the mail today.

This Cook Book is rather large also, just over 500 pages filled with wonderful recipes from the South.

"Thank You Pat"
You put a very large smile on my face today!


Another wonderful thing put a smile on my face today!
Egg Nog is in the stores all ready. 
I had to buy me a quart!

(Now all I need is a bit of Rum)

What a wonderful day!


I think I know what this is?

What would you say this is?
I walked outside to put the trash in the store room and this is what I found.
Stood there for a bit and tried to figure out what it was and how did it get on the store room door?
Can you see it?

At first I didn't see it.  
When I put my hand on the knob there it was. 
Three tiny little circles made up of what looked like tiny beads.

What in the world? 
Is it alien?
I'm thinking it's spider eggs.
Amazing how the circles are so perfect.

The closer I got I noticed the perfect shape.

Mother Nature at her finest!
I imagine the spider walking in circles as she released her eggs.

Things like this amaze me!


4 - Four, You are 4

My grandson turned 4 this past week and his mom, my daughter, the one who lives in Guam, wrote this post on her blog.   
It brought tears to my eyes and I wanted to save and share such a sweet post.
Gina is a hard working stay at home mom. She homeschools her boys.  She never gets off the Navy base except to shop or take the family to the beach. They only left the Island once in the almost three years there.


"You are four. I want to remember the way you are as this little person in my life. The way you hug real tight. How you take the batteries out of the remotes. And then you hand the parts to me because you know I don't want them to get lost or go in your mouth. You are enthusiastic about life and continue to fill our lives with joy.  We are so in love with you.  I'm grateful you show us what life is truly about. You have a mighty big heart and a fierce sense of loyalty.  You love your mimi and want me to snuggle it while you are busy playing, just one example of your kind heart.  How you say mama, mama, mama, mama.  Your hundreds of questions. I laugh a little and feel so glad that I get to explain new words to you. You've learned so many in the past six months; what big (dinosaur) steps you've taken in one whole year!

You are four. You know about good manners, & love making letter sounds. How popsicles come in so many different flavors. Asking for a couple more minutes to play, telling me which foods you like and which ones you don't like.  Luckily for me you like most. You'll only eat with big boy forks and drink with big boy cups.  You notice a car, truck, or bus from miles away.  You love looking at the moon, and making sure your big brothers see it too. You keep the world new (and bright). You are curious and thoughtful and sweet and wonderful.  

I'll always remember how you love sitting on the bathroom counter while we get ready for the day. The way you pop a cookie into your mouth. Then save the other cookie in your pocket for later. I love when you woOoOosh down the slide at the park and then brush your hands together to clean them off. How you turn away, suddenly bashful when strangers smile, and  stare back at them from the corner of your eye. I love that you sleep with an entourage of buddies each night. 

You are getting so big. However I refuse to be sad about letting you grow up. You were meant to grow and more importantly, I am grateful you are growing."

My heart holds yours.  "happy,  happy,  happy birthday".

I want you to remember that I'll always love you..... to infinity & beyond.

As a mom of three grown kids it brings me to tears sometimes knowing how adult they are and how far they are from me.  I can say for sure, "I'm so Proud of them"