I finially found time to finish my cross stitched pillow.....

 In November of '09 I found this store display at JoAnn's and fell in love with the color combination. That led me to Cross Stitch a pillow design.

I did use a small cross stitch chart that needed to be repeated around the square of the Ada cloth. Then I added separate flowers from the chart to create the 'all over' design.

A new trip to JoAnn's took me to the designer fabric where I found a great 1/2 yard of a complimenting fabric to sew around the Ada.. I used about 3 inches around....Then the same fabric for the back of the pillow cover. I then bought a contrasting solid blue to make the piping.
If you have priced the ready made piping you will surly enjoy making your own and save a bundle of money.
I bought a half yard of the blue fabric and 2 yards of the cotton piping.. then cut the blue fabric on the bias into 2 yards of 4 inch legnths.. then stitched them together to make the two yards needed. Using my zipper foot on the machine, stitched the piping into the blue fabric...It's so much easier than I may have said it.

After stitching the entire pillow, back to front I then popped it inside out by a small opening I left for the stuffing..

I'm what they call "Frugle" and do not like to pay the price for most things offered in the stores, so instead of buying the pillow forms they offer, for usually about $24.00, I bought a standard bed pillow at good ol Walmart for $8.00, cut it in half and now can stuff two pillows for a fraction of the price.

I then hand stitched the opening. It's sew easy!
The back is made from the same fabric used for the surround of the Ada cloth...
My home is made up of 'blue and greens' so this pillow will join the living room in grand style.


High School and Antiques....

My "Moments" this weekend were in an Antique store in Gainsville, Florida.

And the time my  sister and I took on a road trip to meet up with a High School friend from our years in Hialeah, Florida,  What a wonderful time
we had just talking about people and places, and of course we had to look into the old "Year Book"

The photo is blurry but don't tell anyone,,, this is my first crush, "Jimmy"!  Have not seen him since leaving High School....might be nice to look him up... went into 'classmates.com' and did find him. Wonder if he would answer an e ? Wonder if he would remember me and our few dates? Wonder if he felt as I did? Hmmm, guess I'll never know.

 I need to thank "Dana" for this photo of her beautiful lamp. Her home was full of wonderful treasures. Thanks Dana for your hospitality and the good time you gave us.