Just finished "Slip Cover #2" but this one is made of "Paint Drop Cloth". . .

Now that the holidays are upon us, like you all I've been decorating my entire home.  As I walked from room to room I noticed two chairs that were in need of repair... one that my cat, Daisy, clawed to deathYou can see how I did that HERE  and the other,  a recliner,  the one Mr. N calls his own!   I did not want to put a good fabric on this chair only because, well you know how the Mr.. sits for games, cowboys and CNN eating his food.  I thought, "What better fabric than a drop cloth".
Went to the HD and bought a 4 by 15  paint drop cloth for all of $11.99,  took it home popped it in the washer with lots of bleach and fabric softener and it came out beautiful.  I have never covered a recliner and it was a bit tricky to say the least.  I needed to find a way to allow it to open?

Having the fabric just fall was much to tight and the chair did not work properly so I thought to just put a long gathered skirt on the front and it now it works perfectly.

This will be two slip covers  I've made this past few weeks and  so happy that I have them finished.
  I did allow for tucking the fabric deep into the pockets of the recliner seat so when it's open it will not be tight, when the Mr is finished all we have to do it tuck it all back inI even had a bit of fabric from my first slipcover to make a small pillow so the two chairs somehow go together. 

 Ok, I'm done sewing for the Holidays.  I'm just tickled with myself after doing both chairs.  Funny thing, I've been putting this off for months because it just sounded like a lot of work and it truly is not if you only allow yourself the time and energy to get it started.
 "With a big smile on my face I'm showing off my two works of art"
 Now I can relax and enjoy the Holidays.  My sister will be here in three days and our first order of business, (that is if she wakes up from jet lag) is to the "Hard Rock Casino" to celebrate her birthday on the 20th.


Now there shooting our Children... God help us now their shooting our Children

 I am sitting here in disbelief over the shootings at this Elementary School... 
Children between the ages of 5 and 10 along with school staff.
I don't need to get on my band wagon but something needs to be done!
We do not need guns... We do not need guns!  
There have been too many shootings in America!  
And now their shooting our children!
It's much too easy to get a gun. 
Last night a man in my area, with a legal gun in his home shot at two law officers and blew away their cars over a domestic situation that he started.  He needed a gun for protection I'm sure is what his reasoning was.  Protection from who, himself?

 I read this and felt it was worth mentioning... "Immediately when something horrific happens, such as the senseless, evil killings in CT,   the politicians, the media, and the authorities will say "pray for these families" or "our thoughts and prayers are with this community and these families".  We also hear "How does God let his happen?" BUT DON'T LET GOD IN THE DOOR DURING REGULAR HOURS!  Don't mention His name (unless it's in vain).  Don't DARE pray during school hours.  Don't ever mention CHRISTmas (make sure you're politically correct and say things like "winter break").   It's a tragedy.  A horrible, tear-jerking, mind-numbing tragedy.  But God had nothing to do with itHe's not even allowed on public property."

Hug your children tight because you have to send them to school on Monday morning.. 

My prayers go out to the moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers, sisters and brothers of these sweet dear children.


Transfering a design onto fabric...

Now that I have  my Holiday Decorating and Shopping pretty well finished I'm finding myself just waiting  for "the day" to arrive along with my sister who is taking several silver birds across the Atlantic to get here for her winter visit.  I thought this would be a good time to try something new.
I've always wanted to try the transfer method of putting a design on a pillow.
After trying the wax paper in my printer all I managed to do was jam it.  Then after doing a bit of research I found out I should have used parchment paper.
First I found a design then transposed it on PicMonkey, ran it through my printer and it worked! 

Not knowing how long it would be before the ink dried I quickly taped the parchment paper to my fabric then used a plastic gift card and rubbed the design into the fabric.

Wow was all I could think to myself. "It worked"


Funny thing about finding something as neat as doing a transfer  is now "I want to do more".  So I did a second pillow and although the light in the house was so bad, due to fog and no sun,  I took the photo anyway.  

 My next project will be for our new grandchild that is due in the spring.  How cute would it be to put a photo on a 'onezie' for a baby shower gift.  Since we will not know the gender of the baby until "D" day this wording seemed perfect.

 I'll have to do a post on that soon.
In the mean time let me admire my new pillows.  I need more!  Silly I know, but this one gets a gold star.
Looks great on my new slipcover. 
See how I made it Here
This will be entered to  my board on Pinterest
"I can't believe I did that"


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I had my doubts about this "No Bake Cheese Cake", it came from Pinterest....

I'm a cheese cake lover and when I found this recipe on Pinterest I had my doubts.  No bake hugh! (?)
Well I gathered the 4 ingredients and put it together... (Yeah, this will be good with only 4 ingredients?)
1 8oz cool whip
1 Package cream cheese
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
1 8oz can sweet condensed milk

I whipped the cream cheese with the lemon and milk until smooth, then added the cool whip on a very slow speed.. used the rubber scraper and folded rather than whip.
Made the graham cracker crust and popped it in the fridge for about an hour.

  I'll tell you what,, it took all of about 10 minutes of my time and the Mr. had a slice after only a half hour in the fridge... I'm going to have to hide a slice for me.. he had another right away.  It's that good.  I think for the next time I make it I will add a bit more lemon juice, I love the tang of lemon.
It was a bit mild for my taste but it was really good as is!  I'll tell you, "my doubts were put to rest".  I loved this cheese cake.
 If your expecting company this Holiday Season,, give this a try and I might suggest making two.
It will not last long in your house.
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It's not an empty table top any more. I think the Christmas Spirit has hit me hard this year.


I think the Christmas spirit has hit me hard this year... not sure why but it's starting to be fun.
Every time I pass a table or spot that looks bare I go get some decorations out of the box that has been stored for several years,  things I just forgot about.

First thing I did was take my clippers and go out in the wooded area of my yard to clip some sticks..  Put them in a glass vase and that into a red ice bucket.. I forgot I had.  A bit of green stuffing and some snow batting and created a willow'e tree of sorts.   A little stuffed Santa perched on the snow.

 A new little snowman skiing .. that will be leaving soon.. it's a gift for my daughter in Jupiter.  She has been collecting Snowmen for about 12 years and has a huge assortment of these little guys, doing all sorts of things.

I'm afraid to walk around the house,  might find another bare spot.  I can't help but think of the after Christmas clean up, maybe I can get someone to come in and pack it all up..haha
For now,  I'll think about that another day and just enjoy the moment and spruce up the house for my sister.  8 more days till she gets here.
Can't you tell I'm excited.
"Happy Hollidays"