Reindeer and Owls for Christmas, Oh My !

Since my children were young we all loved to make Christmas ornaments together 
Once the kids grew I thought I'd be making  ornaments with my grandchildren.  Well, my grandchildren live in the middle of the South Pacific and in snowy Alaska, but that has not stopped me.  This week I got two of the sweetest kits for Reindeer and Owls and have been having such fun making them.

The Reindeer are made of felt, stuffing, buttons, pipe cleaners and tiny bells.  I used a bit of glue and some DMC floss for stitching and they turned out so cute.

The Owl's are my favorite.
They, as the Reindeer, came 4 to a pack and took only about 45 minutes to complete.

I've been sewing for years but this is the first time I've seen sticky ric-rac.  How easy it was to put these little decorations together.  I purchased the kits from Michaels  and I want more.  Maybe tomorrows sales will have them marked down. If there are any left?
Do I dare go shopping on Christmas Eve?

Now tell me, how can you resist "Reindeer and Owl's" ?

 ^ I have no idea why that safety pin is in the photo? ^

The pressure is on!  
Only one more day to shop for Christmas!
Are you ready?  I'm so happy to say, 
"I am"
Just one more thing before I go into "Christmas Eve" mode, I want to show you all, these cute stockings.

While I was in "Pier 1" today I found  knit stocking that were so beautiful. I love the animal print fur, but for the kids I may choose white fur?  This will be a knitting project  this summer, for next Christmas. I can see their mantel all lined up with a stocking for each family member.


* * * * *

I would like to wish all my blogger friends a very
"Merry Christmas"
Enjoy your loved ones.  Give them all a big hug.   
Remember those who can not be with us only with kind thoughts.
Especially the 
"Brave Men and Women of our Armed Forces"

"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night"

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"A Live Christmas Tree from my Boys"

This time of year I get so excited when the UPS or FED EX guy knocks at my door.

Today a box came from my Grandsons in Guam.
Inside was a sweet  live Christmas Tree with lights and ornaments.

All I had to do was take it all out of the box and decorate!  
How cute is this!

I think this wonderful gift is going to grace my kitchen counter for the next few weeks.
A big ((huggg)) to my Grandsons and their Mom and Dad for sending such a sweet gift.

Once the Holidays are over I'll be searching for the perfect pot to plant this little Evergreen in.  It's going to live in my home for years to come.

Three more days until Christmas. 

I love the Holidays!

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" Air Plants " and a bit of Christmas Trivia

The Botanical Gardens here in my area had their traditional Christmas Fair and there were many plants and gifts for sale.  The area was filled with holiday shoppers and I fell in love with the display of Air Plants.


I have had several over the years and some lived and some died.  I really had no idea how to care for them but the man selling them told me, "They need to be outside".  As most of us want them indoors, the plants need the fresh air, heat and sun.

I purchased 4 of the baby air plants. Each should grow into the beauties you see in my photos.  My plan is to put them on the large tree in the front of my house.  Right now I have 5 Orchids growing on the large limb that falls across my yard and the Orchids are loving the spot.
Normally I wire the plants to the tree or keep them in the house but he said NO!  Use liquid nails on the tip of the root area and stick them on the tree branch.  Nothing else needed but a spray of water every two weeks if it does not rain. 
Ok, I can do that!

My 4 little baby air plants are now in place on the large Oak Tree out front.
My fingers are crossed for their survival.

 * * * * * * 

A bit of Christmas trivia.

Who was the United States’ first ambassador to Mexico and what is his connection with the holiday season?

(Joel Poinsett who was also the developer of the popular Christmas Poinsettia flower.)

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" A Birthday Gift for my Dear Sweet Sister "

I made a birthday gift for my sweet sister, one that I know she will like.
It's so hard to think of a gift for someone who pretty much has everything.
So I bought a good set of Egyptian Cotton sheets and Embroidered them.

My Sis is into floral designs and I thought a combination of Reds and Gold might just make her smile.


Embroidery is such a soothing craft and keeps me sitting for long periods of time. Something I have trouble doing, but my cardio doc would smile knowing I'm keeping still once in a while (so would Dolly).

I used an iron on stencil that makes the embroidery so easy to do.  I'm not crafty enough to draw the design myself.

Since we were small babies, Dolly has been here for me. Although our lives went to two different countries since the age of 19, we always make a point of visiting once a year since.
  My Sweet Sister Dolly.
My life would have no meaning without you!
Tomorrow birthday gift number two will happen when I drive her to the Hard Rock Casino, outside of Tampa.  I'll give her a few bucks and let her enjoy herself on the slots. Then lunch in their wonderful buffet room. 
I know this will really make her happy!
"Happy Happy Birthday to my dear sister Dolly"

"I love you"


My Christmas Tree Ornaments. .

 Although I don't have children at home anymore my Christmas tree has children's toys and ornaments hanging on it...  I have only a few left from the good ol days gone by and I also have new ones I've made each year since.

This past week I started making 4 little Reindeer and they turned out kinda cute.

All it took was a few pieces of brown felt, a glue gun,  sewing thread, buttons, bells, stuffing for the body and some pipe cleaner's.

The Child in me lives on!

As you can see, my tree is a short 4'tall and it stands on an end table near my front window. I gave up on the tall trees several years ago.  I do have the traditional color ball ornaments but I've always been into the little people and animals of Christmas.  So the balls stay packed away.  After the last of my 3 children left the nest I gave them  most of the ornaments that were made during their childhood.  Then I found myself without any.

I had an Owl hooting in the tree outside my bedroom window last night.  It was rather loud and this morning I thought about how sweet a few Night Owl's would look on my Christmas Tree.  I have them started  and will do a post on them, if I manage to finish them in the next week. 

Christmas is only a week away.  
I have all my gifts bought and sent in the mail.  
I'm fortunate to have my sister here with us this year and we have been out each day soaking up the Christmas spirit.  The house is decorated and the lights are up on the outside.  The Christmas cookies are baked and wrapped, ready to be given out this week. We have the menu ready for Christmas dinner.

I'd like to send my love and best wishes to the service men and women who can not make it home for Christmas this year. I pray they are all at peace where ever they may be.
The news today of the last of the troupes leaving Iraq, is Glorious! 
How wonderful for their families. Now that is a reason to feel blessed.

I know I am blessed in so many ways.
Let the Holidays Begin!