The perfect sewing kit for a special grand daughter...

These past weeks have flown by for me.. busy doing all sorts of things and I realized I've not posted in this blog for quite some time... Where has the time gone?
I also need to get into a few friends blogs and let them know I'm still alive.
Next week I'm flying to visit with my kids up in the wilderness of Alaska and I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my 15yr old grand daughter, Eve.   She asked if I would teach her how to sew, with her new sewing machine.  I'd love to and thought of making her first sewing kit. 
 I had some nice quilting fabric in the stash with some French wording and a bit of glitter. Perfect for a young lady who is so into languages and places far away.
 The kit will hold all the supplies needed for some light weight sewing.  Threads, needles, pins and a few bobbins for her new machine.

 Just open it up to find all you will need then when finished,, re roll it and tie with the silk ribbon.
 And of course,  "Grandma Made it"

I've started collecting a few gifts to bring along.  
Knitted some new hats and scarves for their severe winters.

Made this beauty for myself.  I must remember to not toss it into the washing machine.. The yarn is "Irish Wool" and you know what will happen to that!

It's been hot in my area of Florida, so hot and humid from the rainy seasons daily storms you can feel the air dripping. So I've been indoors mostly.  Best time of the year to knit and sew inside with the a/c on....  
Ok.. time to get my mind on what to pack for cold country. Will be a treat to get out of this heat.  From what I understand I need to get some hiking boots but no one sells Timberlands here, this time of year so I guess I'll wait till I get to Juneau for that.  
I'll be sure to post loads of photos and when I see my first bear,, I'll have to lay and play dead so I'll get a photo of that for sure....My DIL said they carry 'Bear Spray' when they walk into town. 
Oh Boy!
"Say a prayer for me"