Turning a Bar Stool into a Little Dressing Room Seat

Today is the Official first day of Hurricane and Rainy season and it came in with it's best shot.  We have had rain all day and it's rather nice outside.  The smell of Florida is something I remember from my young childhood when we lived in Miami.  It's one of those smells you always remember, unique to say the least. I need to get serious about getting our Hurricane supplies ready and under the staircase.
It's also the perfect day to stay indoors and work on my closet seat.

I found a wood bar stool in a trash pile quite a few months ago and after finishing my Master Closet I thought, "This will make a perfect seat to use in the area of my little hair and make up space".  
(I'll don't need to tell you how excited I am to have this space, it's something we women dream about)
The first thing I did was clean it,  then cut the legs to shorten. 


 Perfect size.

Then I put standard wall primer on the base of the stool. 
 What color do I paint it?   I remembered several months ago my friend Pat over at 
told me about a coupon at Ace Hardware.  They were giving a free quart of their Clark and Kensington paint.
Of course I ran right over and picked a blue green color called Covington Blue.  I had no idea what I was going to do with this color so I put it in the store room knowing one day I'll find a use for it.


 Good color for the closet since everything in there is white.  Now it needs a soft pillow cover.  A girl needs soft when she is doing her hair, don't you know.

After digging in my fabric stash I found this nice green that was used for a window treatment some years ago and cut an old pillow stuffing.

I then realized I had no elastic and I'm not going out in the rain, so I  chose to simply make a running stitch then thread some cording in and pull the seat cover tight around the bottom of the seat.  Before putting the batting on the slippery seat I used some sticky rug tape.  This stuff is great and will peel off later if needed.  
There the cushion is pulled tight and perfect.

The seat is the finishing touch to my little wardrobe/dressing room and I could not be happier. Also, this seat cost me $0.00 
I'm putting together the "Master Closet Reveal" and will post it at another time.

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Bald Eagles In The Raw

What could be more glorious than the Bald Eagle?
My son and his family live in Juneau, Alaska and seeing a Bald Eagle every day is the norm there.
When Tom sees one he takes out his camera and has sent me so many shots of this glorious bird.

From what Tom tells me, the birds circle over his home and leave them gifts on his roof top. He has to use a high power washer every few months.

The photo below is what he sees from his living room window.

 Beautiful, simply beautiful.

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Five out of Thirteen Orchids Survived the Elements...

 After the very cold winter we had here on the Southern Gulf Coast of Florida, I really thought my Orchid plants would be lost.  They seemed to wilt and die down.  This past week I took a walk around my yard and found a few of them were all showing new growth.   Five out of thirteen survived!

 The Orchids that were growing on the Oak trees seemed to have had the most trouble.. but One is doing great.

It's been about 6 months since the Orchids have produced a flower so I'll be mixing fertilizer into a spray bottle and soaking them all well.  I do this every two weeks and expect to see them budding around July. At this point in time I have no idea the name or what each flower will look like.
I may just get some new plants later this week but do not want ones with flowers, and they are not easy to find.  The ones with flowers will not bloom again for another 8 or 10 months. 
After reading an article on "How to propagate orchids" it sounds a little tricky. Also it will take months for the new plants to generate roots and leaves... no, I'll go buy new plants.

You know, I could kick myself because two months ago I was at an orchid show and they had so many plants not yet in bloom and quite  inexpensive that way.  I remember telling my sister, "I have enough orchids"

Today we have wind and rain from the remnants of "TS Beryl" so my day has been spent indoors catching up on my cleaning. I do hope all up at the top of Florida did not get too much damage from our first Tropical Storm.  Hurricane season starts in two weeks and that means there are more to come.

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"A Special Gift for a Special Daughter"

Did you ever have a special occasion happen to someone you love and you wanted to give them a gift telling the story.  I looked in so many shops and on Pinterest for ideas,  but no such gift could be found.. The home this gift will grace is one that will be "Shabby Country" as that is Cyndi's love of decor, something that started in the few years we all lived in Texas.  
So, I thought I'd just make my own!
My daughter Cyndi has worked for one company for the past 13 years and while with the company has moved  5 times to different cities. For almost 3 of those years she lived out of hotel rooms while opening new stores up in the North East.. and her belongings were put in storage.  She was then offered a promotion to work in the corporate offices out of Jupiter, Florida.  For the past two years she lived in a rather nice apartment in Palm Beach, a 45 minute drive down I-95.  But, it just was not home!  Well, I'm happy to say, "Cyndi bought her first house in Jupiter", and will be moving into it sometime in June. (no more driving I-95 and that is a big deal in itself)
What could I give her but something that said, 
"I'm Home" 
Using some left over wood, I cut a simple size to create a sign for her to hang in her new "Home"
 I painted the wood with some left over white wall paint and rubbed on a bit of brown to give the color some texture then used some craft store rub on lettering for the words.
(i'm really bad with hand painting letters)

 In the craft store I found what looked like a roll of ribbon but it was in fact made of garden twigs.  Really interesting stuff.  I simply placed it on the sign and used my staple gun and glue gun to attach it to the wood.

I also found this butterfly made out of  wire and Spanish moss.

The entire project took me about an hour to create.
The butterfly was put on top of a raffia bow with industrial strength hot glue and a raffia streamer tail for interest.

Using the words "I'm Home" is all that is needed.  Cyndi knows what it means and the feelings that go into it.

I can't tell you how proud I am of my girl and I know what this new  home means to her. She has worked so hard over the last decade and If anyone on the planet deserves it.. "It's Cyndi"

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