Arbor or Trellis

I found this photo on the net for an Arbor or Trellis, as it may be called.
Wonder if it's hard to build?
I don't want all five panels, maybe just two?

The before

Now that the my stone paver patio is laid, I want a bit of privacy at the end, by the drive way.
The photo below is what I want.  How will I make the bowed top?  I can see this one, painted white standing tall with a flowering vine growing up....

Dan, the handy man  told me to let the patio sit for a few days and they will be back to adjust a few stones that may settle after tonight's expected heavy rain.  Then I can brush in the layer of sand between the pavers, then the border of stone around to decorate the entire patio.  Take a few measurements  and start building the Trellis.  I read I could just stand it as the photo shows, it's on a base (hooked to the wall of the house), or put the two outer 2 by 4's in the ground with cement.  I'm looking for the easier way.

The new patio is perfect to put this Pergola over it... but my HOA would throw a fit I'm sure.  Mr. N is the president of the board and is asking the question at this evenings meeting,  maybe they will let me?
I'm also thinking of making two trellis' and putting one on both ends of the patio?  One by my front door at the other end of the patio.
One thing is for sure, this  has changed the look of my Town House.
Curb appeal is a good thing!  
 I'm excited to  have a nice breezy place, under the old oak tree to sit.
The search is on,  to find two perfect rocking chairs, with comfee cushions.

I know this coming Friday is the First day of Fall and we are into the Halloween season but I've been working on Christmas.  Happy to say I've got it all under control with knitted gifts.  So far, two nice pull over sweaters for my girls in Juneau.  Hats and scarves for 4 of my kids.  A set of sheets that I am embroidering for one daughter. 
Feeling good about the up coming holidays.

Remember everyone, "Keep your eye to the sky"  this weekend,  "Falling Satellite".  They say, "It's the size of a bus", and no one knows where it will land.  
We in Tampa Bay have a 1 in 35 chance it will hit here.
I don't like those odds!
Be careful!

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