Scavenger Hunt

We are in dry season here in the Tampa Bay area. Although we had one day of rain two days ago, there were no rainbows.   But I have a photo taken just two months ago in Juneau.  Taken from the deck of my sons home looking towards the mountain.  I hoped to capture the double rainbow but you can just barley see the second one. Sorry to say "No Pot of Gold".

 The words for this weeks Scavenger Hunt are

You will all have to admit, 
Dryer Lint is Fluffy!


This is where I keep my in coming Letters, just waiting for me to deal with them.


My Bromeliads waiting to be planted in the yard, sit on my Metal potting table.


Although it looks like a large bush, it is actually a 75 year old, very tall Hickory Tree that fell yesterday morning in my neighbors back yard.  We had an entire day of rain and the roots loosened and down it came... very close to his home!

I'm joining 


My Wildlife Habitat had some new Visitors

 My yard is registered with the National Wildlife Federation because several years ago I turned it into a Wildlife Habitat.  There have been so many different critters coming and going but these are a first. "Peacocks!


The peacocks were  out back the other day digging and looking for food.  I never realized how slow these birds are, just moving about without a care in the world.  Maybe they are domestic, but they sure were not afraid of me when I came out wanting to shoo them from  one of my flower beds. I had tiny seedlings about 2" tall in there. 
Oh well, their mashed now.

I quickly called my daughter and asked her to " Google and find out what peacocks eat"... she said, "seeds, oats, bugs and nuts".  I ran into the house and found all but the bugs and tried to feed them.  
I want them to stay around my yard!

That was three days ago. 
The peacocks hung around for several hours then walked on through the woods.  Maybe they will come back one day?   I just loved it when they made that "jungle sound" they were so loud.  My yard is like critterville out there and each day I may see something new. 
This little lady came up from the creek to lay her eggs.  Although I did not bother the turtle more than taking her photo,  she was not about to come out of her shell until I went away.

I love my yard and all who inhabit it.

"Have a wonderful week everyone" 


Happy Mothers Day Mom ...

Mothers Day 1998, I remember coming home from work  carrying a simple bouquet of flowers for my Mom.
She did not feel well that morning  and before I left for work  I told her to go lay down and watch a bit of TV and call me if she needed anything.
It all seemed so simple because she did not seem sick.

I came home that day and walked into her room and she was  peacefully sleeping in her bed.  Her TV was on and her morning coffee was still on the bedside table.  I did call her from work,  about 10am to check on her and she told me she was ok.
Well when I walked closer to talk to her I noticed she was indeed sleeping. Somewhere between 10am and 4:30pm Mom died in her sleep.

Today I still wonder why she would leave us on Mothers Day?  With her Irish sense of humor, I guess she was sure we would not forget the date.

For all that have your moms close by, go see them, or call them.  Better yet, take them to dinner.  
How I wish I could do this.

Sending good vibes and love out into the heavens to say

"Happy Mothers Day  Mom"

My Violet bloomed just in time for you

"Oh How I Miss You"

* * * * * 

They say a persons worth is measured by their achievements during a lifetime, well, these three are my greatest achievement! 
"Happy Mothers Day to me"

(their going to beat me for posting this old photo but it was one of those happy  carefree days we spent together)