A big decision has been made,, finally!

Over the years I've been limited to where and how I travel due to my health. It's always been to a well established town with a Hospital that had Cardio care,  and this past year my son has asked me several times to come see where he and his family live.  Although I have wanted to go to them the little town they live in does not have proper health care for me and if I was to need medical help I'd have to take a 2 hour life flight to Seattle or Anchorage.... so I've avoided going to Juneau.
This past two weeks I've had several conversations with my Cardio Doctor and after he put me through several tests he finally said "GO"!   In fact he gave me a lecture on how to not worry and how my new High Tec  pacer/defibulator will do it's job if I have any kind of problems.  I will have time to get to the help I need.  
 Juneau does have a Hospital and many Doctors but not one Cardiologist who can read my pacer and act accordingly.  I've always been afraid to put my trust in a Family Practice doctor and for the past 10 years  I've avoided going to this tiny town because all they will do with me is put me on a plane to fly out.
 The red pushpin is where my son lives (literally over his house) and the blue pin is Downtown Juneau... and that is all of it, nothing beyond except a home scattered here and there.  In fact the Federal Building  (Juneau  is the Capitol of Alaska) is the only building of any great size.  Beyond those beautiful mountains is wilderness for hundreds of miles.
Well, I'm going, finally!

I've been thinking of my knitting coming with me.  No matter where I go I need my needlework. These hands must stay busy and 6 hrs on one flight then three on another, I may go nuts with nothing to do.  
I found a little canvas bag that would be perfect to carry knitting and not wanting to spend a lot of money on the fancy knitting bags and only $5.00 at Michaels,  but it needed a long shoulder strap and snaps to keep it closed.  
  That was easy enough.  I bought a yard of flat cording and stitched it to the top of the bag then added two snaps on the
inside of the top and now if I manage to drop it, all the contents will not fall out. 

 Then I thought about all the black bags I might see in the airports and I needed to add something to distinguish it as mine, in a flash... I crochet some little flowers and stitched them to the front pocket.  Who else with have these exact flowers?

 Turns out this little bag holds more than I was hoping for.. my knitting book with the instructions has plenty of room.

I'll be sure to do a post in a few months... (might take me that long to finish my sweater)  Hopefully it will look as good as the photo.
 Below is a photo my son took from his front porch.

I'll be there for about 3 weeks and I can see me  sitting on an easy chair with a hot cup of coffee  doing my knitting when were not out hiking or finding something wonderful to do.  It may be July in a few days but that mountain will have snow on the top all summer long.
 I'm a bit excited to finally visit with my son and family.  I know they are going to be happy to have me there..  I don't get to see them too often since the Coast Guard took Tom to Alaska but knowing how happy he is with his job and his life it makes this mom smile.

Spending some quality time with Michelle, his wife and their daughter, Eve will surly be good for me.  
I need to go shopping for gifts, can't arrive without any and I hope none of them say Florida.
(big smile here)

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