Sunday Thoughts, "The Value of Time"

To realize
The value of a  sister/brother
Ask  someone
Who doesn't have one.

To  realize
The value of ten  years:
Ask a  newly
Divorced couple.

To  realize
The value of  four years:
Ask a  graduate.

To  realize
The value of one  year:
Ask a student  who
Has failed a  final exam.

To  realize
The value of  nine months:
Ask a mother who  gave birth to a  stillborn.

To  realize
The value of one  month:
Ask a  mother
Who has given  birth to
A premature  baby.

To  realize
The value of one  week:
Ask an editor of  a weekly  newspaper.

To  realize
The value of one  minute:
Ask a  person
Who has missed  the train, bus or  plane..

To  realize
The value of  one-second:
Ask a  person
Who has survived an  accident.

Time waits for  no one.

Treasure every  moment you have.

"Happy Birthday America"


Rest in Peace Guys....

Tampa Bay, Florida is saying good by to "Two of their Finest" this weekend. 
"Officers Jeffrey Kocabe and David Curtis" died in the line of duty just three
days ago.

Both were taken down, by a man who gave no thought to their life, and no thought to
his own life. A very large man hunt has been underway for several days now throughout
the State of Florida for the Officers killer.

I wanted to share the photos of these 'Brave Men'..  One the Father of 4 small boys, and one was to be a father, for the first time, this week.

I wanted to "Salute" them the only way I know. 

 God has a plan for these two wonderful Men.
I know, to the families, it's just not fair.
Please, keep in mind  "Only the Good Die Young"
"They are needed in Heaven"
Bless the Children and keep their Fathers photos and life alive.
Speak to them about their Dads often.
Tell the children how "Wonderful and Brave" and how much their
Fathers loved them.
My heart go's out to the women who "Lost their Husbands"
to the "Parents who lost their Sons", to a "City that lost two dedicated Officers"

"Rest in Peace Guys"


"Update"...After an intense 4 day search of the "Tampa area", the man accused was captured late (Friday) last night!

"Happy 4th of July" 



Trash Frames.


I was passing a house one day, and noticed these two,  really large (22x28") frames just leaning against the trash can... "You know I could not leave them there"!  They were in great shape, heavy and had very old prints inside....
My first thoughts were to use one of the frames for a  "Lithograph" I have had just rolled up in the closet for a few years.. (It was framed, but that frame was broken during our move to Florida)

           This  "Lithograph" was something I have had since my brother passed away in 1986... it was very special to him and I was fortunate to get it from his belongings. It is a copy of a famous painting , "He ain't heavy Father, he's my Brother", he bought it while on a visit to "Boys Town" in Nebraska... I'll tell the story behind this another time.

Well, I changed my mind about using this frame for the lithograph,  it was a bit too large. Then got the bright idea to make a "Collage" from the many photos I have collected over the years.

I'm sure many of you remember the "Vintage Cameras"... how we took the 'Film' and put it into our cameras, then took the film to the drug store to be developed!  We ended up with many photos, in both albums and boxes, put in storage some where! I remember the one or two prints that were 'mistakes'.  You know the ones, of the floor, or someones shoulder and not their face... How we didn't  want to toss them, so into the box they went...

The funny part of the process, "We all ended up with many photos in one roll, that we just did not want!
I went through my photos.. some were my moms, some my sisters, what a large amount I had.  Today all my favorite old photos are kept on my "Hard Drive" just in case!

The frames were in great shape but the wood was rather faded and needed a 'face lift'.. I simply used the sandpaper to smooth and remove the grime of the years.  As for the 'glass' in the frame.. I washed them well with dish soap and ended up with teeny tiny cuts on my fingertips.. they were sharp!

I then mixed  a bit of brown craft paint in glaze and painted the wood.  Wiped off a bit where it was much too dark... turned out perfect.

The next step was to 'park myself' on the living room floor, with my favorite "Soap Opera" on the TV.   With scissors in hand,  away I went through the 'Box of Photos"... 

It was sorta fun, "Cutting  all those photos", saving only the image of the  person I wanted to see!

Now many of you might not like the idea of  "Cutting the old photos"  but I thought "These photos have not been seen in years,  "Get them out of the box"  
I told my oldest daughter what I did and her reaction was what I expected, "You cut all those photos!"

I made "two", of these "Collages".. I rather like them and took one up on the landing of the stair case. I simply stood  it on the bookcase, until I can get them hung on the stair case wall. (bit too high for me).

The new "Digital Cameras" are a wonder to me.. "No more Film"!!  You know, I found 5 old used cans of film that were never developed,, "I simply closed my eyes and trashed them"... after 9 years in the drawer, I really did not care to know or pay for what was on them!  Oh Well!
What the heck,, let me see if I can get a chair high enough to hang these myself,  may be a while until I can get anyone to do this for me.

Don't you just love other peoples "Trash"!


Master Bath, White with Blue Walls


It seems to me, "This Bath Reno" is taking forever!
I began the "White" transformation, then thought of the 'Wall Color"
 I tested several colors of "Blue" and by golly, "I think I've got it"

Yellow has been on these walls for the past 4 years and they really were horrible..

My Husband and I have been getting very itchy over this "Gulf Oil Spill" and he seems to think, "It's a waist of my time putting all this energy into our Town House".  Our property values are going down, in a big way, since the "Spill"...."We will never get the money your spending,  if the entire Gulf Coast is ruined" he said! We live very close to the beach!
Well,, I'm doing it anyway! I need to feel that "It will be over one day" and "The values will go back to normal" There have been several "Class Action Suites" filed on behalf of homeowners around the "Coast".  I guess, "Only time will tell"?

Back to the Painting of the "Master Bath"

The new paint went on so easy and I only put on 'one' coat... Of course I bought the 'Paint and Primer" in one. To save myself a lot of work!

(Click the above link to see how I did this)

The Window has had it's "Face Lift"

The "Linen Closet" has been " Re-Shelved" and Painted..
 (click the link to see how I did it)

Now the "Tub" is on my radar!
Just look at it!  "The tub needs to be next"

I am doing research on "How to Paint
the Tub and Tile".....
(yes, White)

I'm really liking how this "Reno" is coming... except the tile is a creamy color, and "I want it White"...
There is an "Epoxy" paint for this, and they say "It takes up to 5 days to dry".. we never use the tub anyway,, except on a 'Bad Back Day".. (I like to soak in hot water for those days)  but I usually use the 'Shower'.. it's big inside and I love it!

 Then, there is the "Counter Top"... I watched a video and read in a book,   "How to paint the Counter Top" and it really looked  pretty easy, and the finished results were nice!
I have been thinking on changing out the counter top with an additional sink, but the more I work on the bathroom, I'm starting to change my mind!  Well, I will think on this more!
What color for the counter top?

To be Continued.......

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