Rest in Peace Guys....

Tampa Bay, Florida is saying good by to "Two of their Finest" this weekend. 
"Officers Jeffrey Kocabe and David Curtis" died in the line of duty just three
days ago.

Both were taken down, by a man who gave no thought to their life, and no thought to
his own life. A very large man hunt has been underway for several days now throughout
the State of Florida for the Officers killer.

I wanted to share the photos of these 'Brave Men'..  One the Father of 4 small boys, and one was to be a father, for the first time, this week.

I wanted to "Salute" them the only way I know. 

 God has a plan for these two wonderful Men.
I know, to the families, it's just not fair.
Please, keep in mind  "Only the Good Die Young"
"They are needed in Heaven"
Bless the Children and keep their Fathers photos and life alive.
Speak to them about their Dads often.
Tell the children how "Wonderful and Brave" and how much their
Fathers loved them.
My heart go's out to the women who "Lost their Husbands"
to the "Parents who lost their Sons", to a "City that lost two dedicated Officers"

"Rest in Peace Guys"


"Update"...After an intense 4 day search of the "Tampa area", the man accused was captured late (Friday) last night!

"Happy 4th of July" 



Debbie said...

My mother told me about a killer at large in Florida. Since I haven't been paying attention to the news this week, I was unaware.
My heart breaks for these families. This makes me so sad and angry at the same time.

May they rest in peace.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

I have heard about this while I have been vacationing here. So terrible. I bet those baby birds squaking that you mentioned in your comment drive you crazy. I just dropped my husband and son off to go shark fishing. I saw a Great Blue Heron with fishing string around his legs. He can't wallk. He can fly and land though. I got close, but he wouldn't let me get close enough to unwrap it. It broke my heart. I bet you love living here. It is beautiful. We leave for home tomorrow. Back to the land of no trees or water.

The Stylish House said...

Heartbreaking, simply heartbreaking. There is no sense in this, My prayers for these two falled hero's and their families that loved them. This was a nice tribute, but a sad one.
Thank you for stopping by and saying hi. I checked out the site you suggested and loved it! I'll be around more next week on the forum. I'm leaving my post up on my blog for the time being. Keeping our fingers crossed everything goes smooth, just so very grateful to the donor.
Have a wonderful July 4th. A neat client of mine is having hubby & me over for a party. We went last year and it was a fun. Take care and be well.
Hugs, Cathy

Lourie said...

I just have nothing to follow up with that. You say so beautifully.

Jenny said...

My heart goes out to their families - this is such a tragedy. It really saddens my heart knowing that these courageous young men were making our world a safer place and ended up giving the ultimate sacrifice.

I definitely will be praying for their families and am also "Saluting" them.

It is good to hear that they have captured the man they believe to be responsible.