"God Bless America" Land that I love......

Along with our 5 Military Units I would like to remember all those in ou
"Police and Fire Departments"
that give their time, energy and lives to keep us in America safe and secure.

 Wishing everyone a safe and happy 

"Fourth of July"


Rainy Days, Lilly's and a Snail?

South Florida rainy season is here and it's been here for the past 5 days... non stop rain and it's really funny how it rains.  I lived up north and in the midwest and when it rains there the sky is dreary and cloudy every where you look... but here when it rains and storms we might see clouds to the left and sunny blue skies to the right. It literally will rain across the street and not on my yard....  Sun showers they call it.  So all day long we go through spurts of heavy down pour or sunny drizzle.
I for one just love it.
I wanted to get a photo of my Lilly's that bloomed this past week so I ran out between drops with my camera.  
My niece sent me some really nice bulbs for my birthday and I put 12 in the front of the house and 12 out back.  You might be able to see them in the photo below, to the right of the Cannas.
 It's so wonderful when it rains here, the air  feels like a Tropical Rainforest and the landscape is so green.


 While planting bulbs I put a few in a glass bowl and they also sprouted and are blooming.  I love the look and keep them out on the back deck for the sun.

 The roots don't have enough room in the bowl but they are doing just fine.
I like to experiment with my gardening.
 I had to show you this little guy/girl.
There are loads of snails when the rain comes and I've only seen little round brown ones but this beauty was a first.  
Not sure where it came from and it had no friends with it but it stayed for a few days and was gone this morning.  Isn't she pretty and yes she was pretty large for a snail.
 Rainy season is here and should stay for the month or two.  That's ok with me but only one problem, the weeds and bushes are going to be twice as big in a week or so.  Wonder if I can get a goat to take care of that?
"Enjoy your week everyone"