Sofa Throw

Christmas may be months away but I'm going to be ready!  I've been working on so many projects.
This one is a "Sofa Throw" for one of my daughters.  She asked for one months ago and I only now was able to get to it.  Her colors are browns,  tans, seafoam, a bit of green and blue... A rainbow of greens and blues.

The fabrics are assorted weights.. I like to have different finishes, shiny along with simple cottons.  Gina asked for some sequins but I thought better (she has three small boys, imagine the fun they will have pulling those)....

This is my idea of a pattern.. a guide of sorts, although the finished product is not exact.

This quilt I did correctly,,, ironed the seams as I went along....(something I don't usually do).

I also added one square with  her family initial in  cross stitch.

Once the design was completed, the batting and backing put together I found my favorite easy chair, turned on the TV and away I went with the  quilting.. It took me the better part of 4 days to complete the hand quilting.  They were rainy days so that kept me home to complete this project.

As you can see I had no special design in mind for the quilting.. I just stitched in loopie designs.....

As usual I added my "Made by" label. Using my little sharpie and a piece of muslin.

 Another Christmas project finished... 
We have been stuck indoors this past week with so much rain.. maybe it will hold off this next week to give me a chance to pull some weeds?
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Tropical Downpour

 Went to the airport to pick up "Mr. N" this morning. Look what met me at the start of the 14 mile Causeway...

All I could think of was.. "OMG", here it comes!
I dread the "Tropical Downpours" we have here in SoFla. I usually avoid driving in them, but had no choice today.

One thing in my favor, no traffic at 10 am.
Would have been horrible a few hours earlier.  Today was the first day of the school year in our area. 
Normal rush hour traffic is bumper to bumper on this road.

Then I drove right into it!
I was so busy paying attention to my driving I forgot to snap another photo, of the rain!

Picture this.... Two hands on the steering wheel,  35 mph, wipers at double time, blinding tropical downpour  all the way home from TIA, and Mr. N. backseating! Fun!
Sigh of relief... I made it!

I'm Grateful to have made it home so I'm linking to Heidi's "Gratitude Wednesday's" linkie party