~ All I Want For Christmas ~

 I don't want much for Christmas, I just want the person reading this to be happy & healthy.
 Friends are the fruit cake of life
Some are nutty, some soaked in alcohol, some sweet, but mix them together and they're my friends.
At Christmas you always hear people talking about what they want & bought. This is what I want: 
I want people who are sick with no cure to be able to be cured. 
I want children with no families to be adopted. 
I want people to never have to worry about food, shelter & heat. 
 I want peace and love for everyone!


~My Doctors Office at Christmas~

For the past 7 years I've been under the care of Dr. Walsh, a Cardiologist. I went to his office this week for  a follow up appointment to hear the results from my usual Echo and Stress Test.
The Doctors wife has been decorating his office in the Christmas spirit all these years and when you first walk into the front room your struck with a Christmas village that produces music from every corner.  Even a scrooge will get into the spirit of the season as he/she sits in the seats while they worry about their hearts, waiting for their turn to get in and see their doctor, (their are 17 doctors in this office).  
The office is usually decorated with beautiful Asian sculpture and prints but they remove all and put up the Christmas villages for the entire month of December.

The village wraps around the curved room with literally thousands of buildings and little people in winter settings.

I'd like to share some photos of this amazing display that Mrs. Walsh works so hard to put together. It's done over night while the office is closed.

My sister was kept busy looking while I was in with the Doctor.

I'm happy to say my tests came back with a good report.  
"I'm doing great" 
Yes, it's going to be a good holiday!

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~ Christmas Cactus ~

 For two years now I've been watching and pampering my "Christmas Cactus" and this past two weeks it's been budding and blooming.
The color is turning out to be a beautiful pink.

This plant started out as a pinch from a friend and has been outdoors all this time.  I'm wondering if I'll harm it by bringing it into the house?

Any moment now it will be in full bloom and I'd love to have it on the table by the front door.
I put a colorful bow for the holiday season.
The flower pot is one given to me by my grandsons several years ago. 
It has written on it "I love you Grandma"

Amazing how it knew it was Christmas?
One more reason to smile!

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I'm Excited That I Took The Plunge, and so glad I did !

For some time now my Sister has been after me to join the 
"Red Hat Society"
I'm sure some of you can relate, but in my heart I did not want to admit I felt queezy joining the group.
Call it age, or not wanting to age but I gave in thanks to my Sis.  She simply filled out the forms for us both and announced, "We are now members of the Red Hat Society" and are going to the "Christmas Gala"
We spent this past week decorating the "Red Hats" that came in the USPS,  that so boldly announced,
"We are Newbies"
And we were put to work from the moment we entered the banquet hall!
Here is Sis passing out the table brochures.  

When the two of us first entered the banquet hall that hosted the "Gala" we were so warmly welcomed by every member that first saw us open the door.  Laughter and threats of "what the newbies must do".  I gulped, and asked if it was going to be like a hazing and everyone laughed and our new "Queen" only replied, "You Wish". 
  The entire day was set in motion!
The next thing I knew I was sent out to the parking lot to bring in the Gift baskets that were to be raffled.  Nice gift baskets they were.  My eye hit the "Baileys Irish Cream"

Once my duties were complete we set out to find our table and sat with 8 other women at the  beautifully decorated 10 top tables, for our luncheon.

Red hats and Purple clothing streamed into the room.  I would say over 150 women joined us.
Every women that came in were laughing and just being silly and that set the stage in motion for us.  Happiness was every where and the conversations began.  We talked and talked, meeting so many wonderful women from all walks of life.

Our "Queen Linda" stood at the podium with her microphone in hand and led us in the "Red Hat Pledge"  and lucky for me and my sis it was written on our brochure. During the pledge I thought we might have to hold our hand over our heart but no,  we held it over our hat, as we recited it!.

Then the food line started.  Good food also.  The desert table is what caught my eye.  I love a good cheese cake and there were three different flavors on the table.  No food for me that day, just desert!

Once the meal portion of the banquet was over the raffles began and one by one the women went forward to claim there prize!  Laughter abound in this room and the feeling was wonderful.  Then each woman went to visit with Santa, who gave all a gift.  Nice gifts I might add.  Each a bit different than the next. I received a very nice bracelet. I do believe that old guy was hitting on me!

Thank you Santa!

From the mundane lives we women live once our children venture out of the nest ,we seem to forget we too need a bit of  laughter and fun. Like we did as teens and 20 yr old's. Remember the days with your girlfriends and how silly you were! 
(or at least, I was)  
I learned something during this wonderful day.  We too are alive and can still be as silly as we once were years ago.  Somewhere during the years we forgot that, and lost it.  I do believe the idea of the "Red Hat Ladies" is to recapture our youth, the part of our minds that did not grow up!  
I'm in to stay!

Sis and I have a lunch date with a few of the women for next Saturday here in town, and are both looking forward to going.

The hat that was sent to us was nice but much to large and floppy.  It was always in my way and we need to buy a proper hat.  
We spent most of today going from store to store, Macy's, Dillard's, JC Penny's,  TJ Max, Bealls, and  every store along the way.  No red hat to be found!  Where do we find one?  The internet will take days to get to us. 
We did buy hats yesterday of another color and me and my big ideas bought some "Silk Floral Paint" and my brown felt hat just drank the red color and now I have a $30.00 burgundy hat.

At first the color red took, but after drying the color changed and the spray did not take in several spots and the soft felt is now rough and horrible!
Boy did I kill this hat!
(do not try this at home)
Bad idea!

Once again tomorrow, we will be on a mission to find a hat!

I want to tell every woman who has been thinking of joining the "Red Hat Society" to go ahead and join.  I am truly "Excited" to be part of this fun organization! 

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