There's no place like home.....

 When I woke on my final day in Juneau I looked out of the bedroom window in my sons home and was greeted with the most glorious sunrise coming over the mountain top.  The only sounds were the birds and the horns from the ships in the channel. Today was my last day here and I had several flights ahead of me. I was so happy to see the clear sky as it's not an every day thing.  I so wanted to see the mountains as I lifted up in the plane.  I remember my flight coming in three weeks ago,  all I could see were the white clouds that covered the entire area all the way to the roof tops and this seemed to be an every day thing for the next three weeks.
(downtown Juneau, Alaska)
As I lifted off on my flight to Seattle, the sights  below were spectacular.
There was the "Mendenhall Glacier" in all it's glory.  Although I was able to stand on the observation deck my second day there I was a bit sad to not have gotten closer.  I wanted to feel the cold of the ice... such a beautiful area.  I also wanted to see "Nikki and her cubs" but she did not come near.  (the resident black bear that everyone said was a local and seemed to call the area home)
During my three weeks I was able to go and see all there was in this beautiful area but amazingly enough the one thing that stuck in my mind was not mountains or the Christmas trees that grew on every hill but one tiny flower that seemed to grace every flower pot on every deck and window sill in every home, the "Nasturtium".  It must have something to do with the weather but they seemed to grow into beautiful bushy trailing vines.  
Funny thing but today, my first day home I had to run to the HD garden center and get some seeds.  I need to grow this flower, and I could not believe my eyes,  the package said they were "Alaska Mix"  There is something to this and now I'm wondering if they will grow in our heat?  This remains to be seen as I potted them this afternoon before I did anything else.
While at the HD I also had to pick up a large plastic flower pot.  Seems while I was away my terracotta pot with my climbing rose seemed to burst from the elements.  I did manage to save the rose bush but had to clip the plant down to get it repotted.
My heart is happy.  
I was able to spend some quality time with my son Tom. 
And his beautiful family.
Funny thing my first night home I slept 12 hours something I never do.  The last 48 hours were busy and long.  My second flight from Seattle to Orlando turned out to be a party flight.  All my seat mates turned the almost 6 hr flight into fun.  Really.  We were scheduled to land at 5:55am and the the flight attendants had to tell us all to start cleaning up around 4am... the drinks and snacks flowed all night long.. it was fun indeed!

Today as I drove my car to the store to restock my fridge I found myself flying down the highway with the windows open,  music blaring and my hair flying in the wind... singing.
"Thank You Lord for the wonderful trip to see my kids and for getting me home safe.  Thank you for the large open roads and the warm sunshine, Thank you for the heat because my back is so happy today and Thank you for this crazy busy place that I live in
Now I remember why I moved here and why the almost one thousand people move to Florida each day, it might sink soon but who cares, it's paradise indeed!
I could write a song with my words and had to stop myself there for a minute and erase the smile off my face because those around me might think I'm looney.

It's true
"There's no place like home"