When the wind is fierce, baking is the answer...

We are in the home stretch of a fierce tropical storm and this morning   called for "Baking".  
So, at 6am I was in the kitchen putting two tablespoons of yeast in warm water then went about looking for a breakfast roll recipe. My favorite place to look is All Recipes dot com.  They have every kind of food made by real people like you and I.  This breakfast roll is made with simple ingredients and took only a resting time.. not two hours to rise.  
Was so easy!

Once all the ingredient's were put together, I let the mixer do the kneading.  Then I covered the ball of dough with a towel for about a half hour, just to rest.

Then I cut the dough into 7 little rolls. (I wanted them to be big).  Although the recipe said to just put them in the oven, the baker in me had to let the rolls rise for a half hour and they doubled in size.  Then to give them a special glaze I brushed a bit of egg white and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

 The whole house smelled like yeast and it took only 20 minutes  to bake.  I went for the sweet butter and had a piping hot roll and let me tell you,,, "They were great"!

Ahhhh, a bit of creamy butter and jam.
Go on wind, howl all you want!

 The tropical storm with all her fury has left the Tampa Bay area and is moving out to the Atlantic. The clean up has begun, homes damaged, streets totally flooded, lives lost and I wanted to personally say 

"Good Bye Debbie"

Auf Wiedersehen
  Ma'as Salaam
Au Revoir

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Monday Morning and "TS Debbie" has stalled over us.....

Floridians are funny people... An annoying Tropical Storm comes over and dumps tons of water and wind into the area..  it howls for 19 hours and when the eye of sorts comes over today this is what they do while they wait for the next round to come through.

The sea is perfect for boarding in such winds,  but the rip currents are deadly.  So they take to the streets.
"Lady Debbie" has stalled over Tampa Bay and she will be sending more of the back end feeder bands here around noon today.  


We had a night of Tornados, high winds and much flooding but  I'm sorry to say we lost one woman who was trying to hold her little girl during a tornado.  Thankfully the 3yr old is ok!
There is much damage to homes and neighborhoods. By some stroke of luck the back end will be a bit nicer to us...
I see the winds picking up once again.
If anyone out there has a huge fan, turn it on and blow this TS out of here, will ya!

OK... back to my knitting.  I finished a pull over sweater for my grandson yesterday.  Working on #2 today.

"Stay safe everyone in TS Debbie's path"


TS Debbie, Ok I'm home now so you can do what you want...

 It's Sunday and we woke to wind, rain and just a lot of nasty weather!
Tropical Storm Debbie has formed in the Gulf and is taking her sweet time wondering where she will aim her nasty little self?
It's afternoon now and the wind is high and my back yard is flooded with heavy rain that has not stopped all day... such a mess out!

I spent the past week in Jupiter, Fl. helping my girl move into her new home and although my plan was to stay a few more days I needed to get on the road before Debbie came through the state.  (if that is what she will do?).  My drive yesterday was just light rain and it's no fun to spend 4 hours on a wet Interstate but I got home before the winds started.

I think the best part of  Cyndi's new house is the rather large dining room. Just think of the wonderful dinner parties she can have here.

Ok, if your coming "Debbie" I'm ready.  Have my knitting and I'll just sit you out!

Everyone in her path, "Stay Safe"