Master Bath, The Window (part 3) continued.......

Working on the "Master Bath" has been both fun and alot of work... It's starting to give me more ideas as I go along.  I started with no real plan, just I wanted it up dated and interesting, soft, pleasing to the eye, with my "White Theme".
I needed to put up some molding to frame the window... it did not have any, as do most of the windows in my home.... I purchased, from the Home Depot, 3" white molding. Measured and with my trusty "Miter Box" saw, I got to work.

I have used this really nice "tool" before,  I always find a way to make a mistake.. So, I went slow. Held the wood to the window frame and marked the desired cut with a pencil... "By Golly, I think I did it"!

 Then disaster happened!  I cut the top piece of molding "WRONG"... upside down! I did not take a photo of this mistake... Being really upset with myself, "Not wanting to buy another strip of molding for one (1) 22" piece",  I simply cut a new one from the scraps then pieced together, in the center of the length. Know what? I was so careful with the 'caulking'... you will never know it unless you get "Real Close".

 After caulking the seams, "It came out better than I hoped!"

Then out came the "Paint".... It's time to rid myself of the "Brown Metal" look!

"Squeel with Delight" moment for me!!

My first post on this window "Transformation" I showed how I made the 'Shelf"... Instructions for the easy window shelf, click!

Total cost for the window redo... left over paint and nails, glue and glass. Molding $8.79, .50c twine...  
my kinda price!

"Not bad",,, Not bad at all!
(yes, I'm so happy with myself)

Now it's time to "Panic and do a bit of research"... my plan is to '"Tackle the Tub and Tile.... It's an 80's creamy color"
I want "White"... white everything!  On to read about "How to paint your tub and tile"! If I, by chance, make a mess of it.. out they go and new will take it's place.. (I really don't want to spend that kind of money! but?)
Wish Me luck!


May and June in my yard.

"May and June"
Soft syllables, gentle names for the two best months in the garden year: cool, misty
mornings gently burned away with a warming spring sun, followed by breezy afternoons and chilly nights. 
The discussion of philosophy is over; it's time for work to begin." 

-   Peter Loewer   
I believe he is talking about the weeds!
I took a stroll through my garden today
clicking my camera away
The new buds and blooms
kissed by the rain
How I love the spring
and yes, everything you see
was planted by me

This one plant, the "Diana Rose" was my
friend's "Ingrid"
She is watching from above 

 The Trumpet Tree
survived freezing
although my camera did not do it justice

The gardenia is blooming 

Bird feeder swaying

 Hawaiian Hoya

She protects my deck

The day lilly
the dirty bird bath
it's usually full of crows

Bleeding hearts in bud

Orchids bursting out

Oregano is doing well

 Zinnias with their first flower
started from seeds

Grapefruit for breakfast tomorrow

I could go on and on but the last one
I need to show is the 'Ginger'
and my little lady
she watches over it all

May your gardens flourish
as your heart smiles

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