Yummm, Fruit Syrup

 I found a really good way to use Plums or Peaches and it's really "Yummy"
You know the fruit  that no one has eaten and  have gotten really soft or bruised.  Or you just bought 6 peaches and they were mealy and not edible.
  This makes the best Fruit Syrup, to use on Pancakes or French Toast.  In fact it would be good for crepes.

 Put 1 or two cups (depending on how much syrup you need)  of Cranberry Juice in a sauce pan along with 1/2 c sugar and two teaspoons of Cinnamon.  Cook at a medium boil until the sugar is melted through and the sauce thickens.  Then cut the fruit and placed in the mixture.  Cook for about 8 minutes until the fruit is  soft and the juice is thick.  You can adjust the amount of sugar depending on how sweet you want your fruit.  
I used 1/4 c sugar.

 This mixture turned out so good and it is much better than standard pancake syrup.  
Your family will love it!
Sorry for not having a photo of this wonderful mixture on a decorated plate, but when I was out of the kitchen Mr. N  put my Plum Syrup mixture on his pork chops for lunch. 
I'll have to say it was wonderful!  
The cranberry juice and cinnamon was the perfect combination for any dish.   Give it a try and I'm sure your family will ask for more! 

You know, now that I'm thinking about it, I bet this would be a wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving menu.  Think about this, Cranberries and Apples cooked in the cranberry juice, maybe a squeeze of lemon or a bit of cloves. Use brown sugar instead of white sugar,   on your Holiday Ham?

I love creating new recipes!
Especially when their "Yummy"

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Patience, who me?

 Patience is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances,  which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance or anger in a negative way, or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties.
Patience is the level of endurance one's character can take before negativity.

I have never been known for my having Patience.
My whole life I have wanted everything, new projects, anything I wanted done, 
"I wanted it done NOW"

 This past few weeks have been riddled with one delay after the next in my Front Porch project.  The number one delay has been my handy man.  Although he is good and a friend (don't hire friends)... he was forever late or had to leave early.  One thing after another.  But I'm happy to say, today he came and did not leave until his work was done.  
I think he was afraid to leave, really!
I came outside at 6:45 am, right when the sun came up,  grumbling and getting ready to do the job myself when Dan came with a buddy.  No tools, his son had the truck!  I dragged out all my tools so he had no excuse today!
Yes, I was steaming at this point!
So I got to work and put together my trellis and I'm happy to say my plans were perfect. While I worked on that,  Dan finished the stone patio.  And I might say, "He did a great job"

Then Dan and his men put my trellis  into cement and L brackets to the wall.  I held my breath until I knew my measurements were going to work.

I did a bit of research and thought of having my trellis custom made for the area but the cost was in the hundreds of dollars.  Mine cost me a total of $28.00

All in all this was a great day. 
We have had heavy storms every day this week and today it was sunny and dry.  
My lack of patience did not hinder the work and I let them all go about 3 in the afternoon.  I gave them lunch and ice tea to be sure they didn't  take a lunch break.  Dan tends to leave and not come back for hours.
Why do I continue to use this man to do handy things for me?  He is a great carpenter and jack of all trades.  Once he gets to work he does a great job!

Look how perfect he cut the stone to go around the water meter. 

Tomorrow I will put together my new patio chairs.  The UPS guy delivered them today.  
Yes, that is a chair.  I'm not good at directions but they seem easy enough?
Then to sweep the sand between the stone pavers. 
I get to decorate my new front porch. 
I am excited to say the least.
My Patience paid off.

Once I have the space completed I'll do a reveal post!

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Front Porch Comming along....

I Spent the past few days searching for two new chairs for the front porch.  
I could not believe how much nice outdoor chairs were in both the stores and on the internet.  I just did not want to spend over $300.00 for one chair.
Then I found these two on Amazon.  Perfect!
I had a $96.00 credit from my 
Swagbucks ,with this I got two chairs for all of  $78.00 .  Then with standard  shipping, there was no charge to ship!  Love it!

Ordered the set of chairs  and the confirmation said,  "They should be delivered by the 28th of this month".  Great timing!   My plan is to put a  clear protective coat of gloss on both chairs.  I'm happy to say out of 58 reviews on the chairs,  46 said "They loved the chairs".   I plan on  making  some attractive slip covers for the cushions.  Outdoor fabric of course!  
Gives me a week to get the trellis built and set up.

Again, after searching for the perfect trellis I found they were really pricy.  For the design and custom built,  the pricing was way over  $500.00.   So far I've spent $13.00.
 I got to work designing my own.  
The photo below is the rather crude drawing of how I want the trellis to look.  It needs to be at least 5' wide and 6' tall,  to give us some privacy from the drive way.  
Went to my Home Depot and the nice man cut the wood to my measurements.  Had the 8' ,  2by4's sticking out of my sun roof as I drove them home.

While at  HD  I also picked up screws for the wood and  some heavy duty concrete screws to anchor the trellis to the front wall.  Then the two  8'  tall pieces will be sunk in the ground with cement.    Don't want high winds or a hurricane to blow it down.

The first coat of outdoor primer went on yesterday.  
For some reason the neighbors all stopped by to see what I was  up to now.  
They smile at me and my tools!

 Today, the paint go's on.  I just did not want to climb the ladder to do the priming and painting.  I can always go back once it's built to repair any chipping that may occur when it's built.  But then, I really do want the trellis to look old and very much used.  Chipping and dings are a good thing.

'Blaze of Glory' Climbing Rose'
was ordered from a gardening catalog yesterday.   This beauty should over take the trellis and stand out beautifully!
 It's the perfect time of year to plant my new rose in a very large pot and stand just beside the trellis.

 Today, the first coast of white paint will go on the trellis.  
Although I wanted to build the trellis myself,  I have  "Dan the handy man" coming on Tuesday to re set a few of the brick pavers that settled after our heavy rain.  I am going to have Dan put the trellis together and attach it to the concrete wall.  
More on the new patio soon!

This is all happening in perfect time, for my Sisters annual visit!  
I'm going to be so ready for her.  We both love to sit outside with our coffee. Is it a bit early to go get a few large pumpkins for the front of the house?  I have not seen any in the stores just yet.  Where is everyone  getting theirs?  I see them posted in so many blogs?  

 Time to get to work on this beautiful Sunday!

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