Yummm, Fruit Syrup

 I found a really good way to use Plums or Peaches and it's really "Yummy"
You know the fruit  that no one has eaten and  have gotten really soft or bruised.  Or you just bought 6 peaches and they were mealy and not edible.
  This makes the best Fruit Syrup, to use on Pancakes or French Toast.  In fact it would be good for crepes.

 Put 1 or two cups (depending on how much syrup you need)  of Cranberry Juice in a sauce pan along with 1/2 c sugar and two teaspoons of Cinnamon.  Cook at a medium boil until the sugar is melted through and the sauce thickens.  Then cut the fruit and placed in the mixture.  Cook for about 8 minutes until the fruit is  soft and the juice is thick.  You can adjust the amount of sugar depending on how sweet you want your fruit.  
I used 1/4 c sugar.

 This mixture turned out so good and it is much better than standard pancake syrup.  
Your family will love it!
Sorry for not having a photo of this wonderful mixture on a decorated plate, but when I was out of the kitchen Mr. N  put my Plum Syrup mixture on his pork chops for lunch. 
I'll have to say it was wonderful!  
The cranberry juice and cinnamon was the perfect combination for any dish.   Give it a try and I'm sure your family will ask for more! 

You know, now that I'm thinking about it, I bet this would be a wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving menu.  Think about this, Cranberries and Apples cooked in the cranberry juice, maybe a squeeze of lemon or a bit of cloves. Use brown sugar instead of white sugar,   on your Holiday Ham?

I love creating new recipes!
Especially when their "Yummy"

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Darla said...

Perfect timing! One of my girls was asking about fruit flavored syrup just last evening!! I'll be borrowing this now that weather is trying to cool down a bit.

Teresa said...

This really does sound yummy!

SavannahGranny said...

Sandy, I am trying this. Thanks, Ginger

Judie said...

You know, that really is a wonderful idea for Thanksgiving! Our children laugh at their dad, because he always has to have that horrible jellied cranberry stuff in the can at Thanksgiving, while we devour the homemade kind!!

Oh, and I fed your fish, so you can feed mind, now!!

Stacia said...

Yummy indeed! Now I want pancakes! =>

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Yes, this would be great for Thanksgiving.

Lola said...

Such a great‘Yummy’ post!

Happy Alphabe-Thursday!

Have a great weekend too,



Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I'm going to definitely put that on the Christmas menu with ham..


Monica said...

Wow...this does sound yummy!!

Theresa said...

Great Idea! Sounds delish!

Morning said...

awesome ideas.


Annesphamily said...

Sounds so yummy! You are also saving lots of money! Great budgeting! Great post! Hugs Anne

Andy said...

Definitely looks yummy.
Loved your presentation.

Thanks for sharing.

Yesterday With You

Wanda said...

It does sound good, and your second idea for pairing it with holiday ham or turkey sounds great too.

Cheryl D. said...

That sounds yummy indeed!

Jenny said...

Wow! This is so cool. I would never have thought of it, but I bet it would be amazing on pork or duck.

I like the idea of making special fruit syrups for the holidays. YOu could serve them as an ingredient IN the meal and then hand out prettily packaged bottles for favors or remembrance gifts.

You are brilliant!

Love, love, loved this post and this idea!