What is this Plant?

Do you know the proper name for this Flowering plant?

Three years ago I took a  cutting from a friends yard. The plant stood tall and had such pretty floral stems, reaching to the sky.

What is this, I asked her?  She had no idea.  She was given a cutting from another friend and said, "It grew like a weed but was so  pretty".  
She was right.  Each year since it just grew taller and I've had to prune it to keep it from getting too big.

Over the past year I took cuttings and planted them in different areas of my yard. They grew roots in a matter of weeks both in the ground and in water.   The plant grew as tall as me... and the flowers start to bloom around the end of July and last well into January.
Once nice thing the Butterfly's and Humming Birds love this plant.

Yesterday I stood as silent as possible while I watched three Humming Birds enjoy the tiny bell shaped flowers. I'm sorry to say I could not get a good photo of these little birds, they  move too fast for my camera.

After searching through photos of plants and flowers I just could not find the name of this plant.  Hopefully one of my blogger friends can help me with this?  
I've shared cutting with a few of my neighbors and also sent cuttings to my daughter in Guam.. she said "They just get bigger Mom, all my neighbors ask me where did you get them?"  They have one garden center on the island  and everyone has the exact plants  growing in each yard... so my daughter feels a bit special having something different.

If anyone knows the name of this beautiful plant, please leave a comment.. in fact, if you would like, I'll send on a cutting or two as a big thank you!
I live in zone 9-10 so I don't think those in the north can grow this?

It's time to get out in the yard and clean up a bit... Fall will be here soon and all the rain we have had has given the weeds energy to flourish!
Maybe this week I'll get out there?

"Happy Gardening"
p.s.  I'm happy to say a new blogger friend, Susan from Simply Susan
Told me this plant is called "Firespike"
Susan is a Florida gardener and I think she can teach me a thing or two about gardening in this state. 
If you need gardening info check out her lovely gardening blog.
Thank you Susan!!  

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Highway Sign

I found this photo on Facebook today.
It may just be a 'photoshop' image but I am just loving it!

If we had more interstate signs, with such instructions on our highway systems , we may just have fewer accidents.

Love it!

"Happy Weekend Everyone"



I love $1.00 finds

This past Saturday I woke to the sun shining for a change so I dressed and hit the streets for a day of yard sales.
Although it was hot from the moment the sun came out (89') I was determined to get out of the house.

My kitchen revamp has been on hold for several months and it's about time for me to get it finished.  I'm thinking a few more decorations are needed and when I walked into the first sale of the day, here was this perfect wall hanging.
It had a price tag of  $1.00.
What was funny I stood and watched a woman pick it up.. check it out and then put it down.. as she stood there thinking to herself,,, "Do I want or need this"?  I crept closer until she moved away... Snatch!  It's mine!

I laid my find on the front seat of my car and admired it for a while, then on my way I went.

After cleaning it up I knew the exact spot for this cute little sign.. Above the stove! 
Mr N. came in and asked why I put such a sign in the kitchen?  "What's the matter, can't your friends find the kitchen?" 
Silly man!

The cabinets in the photo above are marked for demolition as soon as I can get to them.. just think how nice this wall will look with shelving above the stove,, Ikea here I come.... 
Lets not forget the 'Stove pipe hood' squeezed in there.

I'll have to dream for a while longer.
 Every so often I have to look at the kitchen back about 3 years ago, just to remember how horrid it was before I started working on it.


so far 

May sound a bit silly but I love to see the 'before' once in a while,, still can't believe how far this kitchen has come since I first moved in... and the best part, I have only paid one handy man,  to have the ceiling recessed  lights put in.
Amazing what a little paint can do!
Ok, done bragging here...

I hope you all had a great weekend... I only had one find this day, the pickins were slim.
School starts this week for the children in my area, so the streets were pretty busy this morning.  School buses on the roads once again,  transporting kids back and forth...  
Please stop for the  school buses and watch out for children crossing.


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Featured blogger, healthy fish sticks.

 I'm posting a recipe from another blog today.  "Gina With Love" is the mom to three young boys and strives to feed them healthy.  Her blog posts are about home, family, schooling and food.  She is determined to feed her family healthy and cooks with mostly organic foods.  Her recipes are so good you will never know 'they are healthy'.. and if she gets her children to eat them then you know they must be tasty!

 Gina's post......
This is sooooo good!!  A delicious way to prepare fish to be light and crispy, my boys always have seconds and thirds when I prepare fish in this method.  My boys  don't even ask for any dipping sauces! Of course you don’t have to cut the fillets down to ‘fish sticks’ size. Leaving the fillet whole will work equally as well, in fact that would be less preparation. Adjust the seasoning to suit your tastes and this will be a favorite!

Being a very busy mom and homeschool teacher, Gina has managed to find the time to squeeze in a few hours a week to start her new blog. 
       Stop by and say hi @    Gina With Love
She will love to hear from you.

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Pot Pies From Left Overs

I made Roasted Chicken last night and we just did not want to eat leftovers.  So I made some really tasty "Chicken Pot Pies"

I roasted chicken breasts and fresh veggies in the oven then put the left overs in the fridge for the night.   After cutting all the veggies and chicken into bite size pieces I mixed a can of Cream of Mushroom soup with the left over gravy from the night before.  
I put it all into a bowl and microwaved until bubbling.  I then added some Sage to give it a bit more flavor.

There was also a bit of frozen mixed veggies left over so they also went in the mixture.  This is a great time to use up all the little bits of veggies you saved in the fridge.  You know, the spoon fulls you just can't bring yourself to toss.

Again, after mixing all the ingredients together, microwave till bubbling.  I put mine in for on high for about 4 minutes.

For the crust I used packaged Pie Crust.  Roll it out and put the ramekin upside down on the rolled out pie crust, to cut the exact shape.  Leave a bit on the sides for folding around the edges.

Fill the ramekins with the filling then add the pie crust topping.  Don't forget  to cut a slit in the crust to let the steam out.  Brush with beaten egg then bake for about 25 minutes on 375' or until golden brown.

 For a side dish I made a simple "Spinach Salad".
With left over bacon drippings saved from yesterdays breakfast (saved in the fridge to let the fat harden to be removed before mixing) I added some Greek salad dressing, a pinch of sugar and microwaved till almost bubbling.... serve warm over the spinach salad.  I also added mushrooms to the spinach..

I'll have to tell you...  these  "Pot Pies" turned out really tasty.  This is one way to use left overs and have your family think you made a new meal.  (Mr. N hates left overs)  Also, when you make  individual servings it's always fun for everyone to have their own attractive "Pot Pie".

Rather than buying "Pot Pies" from your local grocers freezer give this easy recipe a try. It was fast and so simple using pre made ingredients.

I'll be joining