I'm on a Scavenger Hunt once again...

It's time for Scavenger Hunt once again and I'm in...

Today's words,
Close up
With Mirror
* * * * * 

Sidewalk,  I took this shot when the guys were taking up my front sidewalk.

 Now this is Inspiring.  
The cooks  at our local Italian market were  making, by hand,  all this wonderful Pasta

 Time, it takes a lot of time  especially for me to knit a cable design on a winter scarf.

Close up... while at a local feed store looking for chicks I came across this rather odd looking chicken. She was not at all amused with my trying to take her close up.

With Mirror 
I found myself wandering around my home looking for something 'with mirror'... then I thought, hey, upstairs in my master closet.. I've been working on it all week, putting in new BHG style white wood shelving. The mirror will be incorporated into the shelving, once it's finished.

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My Master Closet... Let the Project Begin !

I have this great walk in closet and have been telling myself for several years,  to redesign the shelving.  Finally I got to it with the first step.  Taking all the clothing and stuff stored out and making piles of 'thrift store, toss and store in the downstairs closet'.  Then I put all saved clothing back on the shelves.  It looks empty and I rather like it!  Now for the first time in my life I can say, "I have nothing to wear"...

Inside the closet are such odd shaped walls. My idea is to tear out all the dumb wire shelves (who invented those horrible things?)  and replace them with wood shelving  along with cubbies to hold shoes and an assortment of things.
Sorta like something you might see in BHG Magazine.
My inspiration, although mine will not be exact but close to it!

  A place for shoes and handbags too!
This is how I've been storing my purses.  haha, hanging on nails.
I'm also happy to say, "This closet is all mine" don't have to share.

"Imagine and it will happen"
But first I need to measure and buy the wood, nails, screws, glue, mollies and paint.

Sounds like a lot of work I know but "Imagine and it will happen"

May seem a bit crude to some but here are my designs for each wall.  Now to get some good measurements and have my local Home Depot Guy cut each piece of wood to fit.  They always never do me wrong when cutting. 

Now I've done other projects in my home. The pantry 

Also I built my 

I found out putting up wood shelving is really easy as long as your measurements are accurate.   It's a bit  time consuming but I've got the time and the want and that is all I need!

* * * * *

Today the wire shelves came out, I spackled the holes and tomorrow a fresh coat of white paint go's on the walls.

Update, wood ordered and the building of my shelves,will begin on Thursday!

"Wish me luck"
I'll post more as the closet reno progresses.

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Yeast.... it's many uses.

Yeast is a commercial leavening agent containing yeast cells; used to raise the dough in making bread and for fermenting beer or whiskey

 If you have ever baked a loaf of bread, or experimented with brewing beer or wine, it is likely that you have used yeast as an ingredient.  If so you may have wondered why it was so important to include this seemingly trivial component in your recipe.  Perhaps you even wondered, where does yeast come from?

However, this familiar product has an intriguing and unusual history with ancient origins.
Egyptian hieroglyphics offer some of the earliest proof that yeast was used as a baking and brewing ingredient over 5,000 years ago.  Grinding stones, baking ovens for yeasted bread, and sealed urns containing cooking and brewing ingredients have also been discovered amidst ancient Egyptian ruins.

The Bible also makes reference to leaven, a soft, doughy type of bread.  Yeasts left over from brewing or wine making were used as starter cultures for these biblical leaven recipes. 

Where does yeast come from?  While the earliest uses of yeast can be traced to ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Middle Easter and even primitive European cultures, yeast is certainly not native to any of these places.  

 The fact of the matter is, nearly 2,000 unique species of yeast can be found universally occurring across the globe, in the air, and in the soil; where ever there exists natural plant matter.

Yeast is actually a tiny microorganism, classified in the plant kingdom of Fungi.  Where does yeast come from?  In essence, yeast could be considered a mushroom or mold variety that feeds on the natural sugars found in grains, fruits and vegetables; producing carbon dioxide as a byproduct of its consumption.

Yeast has been around for so long, it has come to be recognized as ‘the oldest plant cultivated by humans.’

It wasn’t until 1859 that Louis Pasteur,    a French chemist and microbiologist sought out a superior answer to the question; where does yeast come from.  Pasteur discovered that yeast was actually a living, single cell organism, able to actively grow and reproduce.  He identified that fermentation was actually a form of cellular respiration carried out by yeast cells.  This ground breaking discovery forever negated the idea of spontaneous generation, and led to drastic improvements in food preservation and sterilization. 

 The next time you bite into a sandwich, take a moment to observe the tiny air bubbles that give the bread its spongy texture.  These bubbles were created by active yeast, which caused carbon dioxide to rise through the baking bread.   It may surprise you to think that the very yeast cultures that gave rise to your lunch sandwich could be thousands of years older than you.
Just today I used Yeast to make my pizza dough. 

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Sea Urchins and Anemone

I wanted to share some photos of Sea Urchins taken by my son and his wife, during low tide in Juneau, Alaska
This body of water is right where they live and on one of their many hikes in the wilderness near their home, they were able to get these great shots.

Low tide.

Mother Nature is simply amazing..

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Rambeling about Earthquakes....

My daughter and her Coast Guard husband are in the process of being shipped out of Guam. Their on to a new duty station, sector OKC.
For the past few days they have been living with their three small boys,  out of the Weston Hotel on the island of Guam waiting for their flight this weekend to return back to the states.  Although over joyed with the move, Gina said, "Mom there was an earthquake this morning that shook this hotel and it was not a good feeling.  Being in our house was just different when the earth shook. We were closer to the ground".
The whole family is very used to shaking at least once a week for the past three years but being on the 14th floor was a bit different. 
It's got this grandma sitting here holding her breath for them.  It's been a long 3 years.

I knew earthquakes happen every so often in different parts of the world but had no idea there were so many.
Took this list from the Real Time Earthquake USGS map.
All I can say is "Dang"

2.716km w of alberto oviedo mota, mexico32.209°N115.346°W3.5
5.0off the east coast of honshu, japan37.350°N144.758°E10.0
4.416km ese of ula, turkey37.021°N28.574°E18.0
4.516km ne of cuajinicuilapa, mexico16.561°N98.292°W9.3
2.94km w of cobb, california38.825°N122.776°W1.7
2.522km nne of soledad, california36.614°N121.223°W6.2
4.870km n of port-olry, vanuatu14.421°S167.172°E169.6
4.790km e of namie, japan37.613°N142.006°E36.7
4.6north indian ocean2.319°N89.828°E14.3
2.99km nne of desert edge, california34.001°N116.401°W3.6
4.755km w of rota, northern mariana islands14.089°N144.693°E184.6
2.650km wsw of seward, alaska59.884°N150.237°W44.4
4.832km ese of iwaki, japan36.960°N141.234°E5.1

You will notice this list is just yesterday and today.
I'm remembering being on the phone with my daughter for hours while they waited for the Japan, Tsunami to hit Guam.  That was a bit of terror on my part.  Thankfully it did not!
I'm so glad Florida does not get shaken by earthquakes often!

Enjoy your week everyone!




I'm on a "Scavenger Hunt"

There is a Scavenger Hunt going on over at Ashley's blog

I thought it might be kinda fun to join in.

The idea, she puts up 5 words and you/me need to take some photos to match the words. Two are photos from some time ago but it's ok since this is my first time doing this.
So, here go's.

First word,,,  "Shadow"
That's my shadow . Standing in front of a blank wall with the window blind behind me.  

The "key" is one that my sister had made to use when coming and going from my house.  She comes every year for a few months and needs her own key.   Tweety Bird is her own idea!

This is my first attempt at photography although I do post photos all the time here on my blog. I only use my iPhone camera and the 4 takes pretty good photos.

 "Smile".  Now that is a word we all want to see... Everyone Smiling all the time.
This little sweetie is named "Ozzie" and he is my Nieces pet.  He is almost never in the cage and lets you know (loudly) when he wants out!
Pretty smiley bird.

Untitled, well that is easy.. My Sons feet. He lives in Juneau and when the temps climb above 35 his shorts go on and they get outside... Here he is just being funny.  
His feet look a bit cold to me.

 "Fish", the BIG one.
My Nieces husband here on holiday. He did not catch this Grooper,
my Niece did, but he wanted the photo to look like he did it!

 That was fun.

If your interested in photography check out Ashley's blog