My Master Closet... Let the Project Begin !

I have this great walk in closet and have been telling myself for several years,  to redesign the shelving.  Finally I got to it with the first step.  Taking all the clothing and stuff stored out and making piles of 'thrift store, toss and store in the downstairs closet'.  Then I put all saved clothing back on the shelves.  It looks empty and I rather like it!  Now for the first time in my life I can say, "I have nothing to wear"...

Inside the closet are such odd shaped walls. My idea is to tear out all the dumb wire shelves (who invented those horrible things?)  and replace them with wood shelving  along with cubbies to hold shoes and an assortment of things.
Sorta like something you might see in BHG Magazine.
My inspiration, although mine will not be exact but close to it!

  A place for shoes and handbags too!
This is how I've been storing my purses.  haha, hanging on nails.
I'm also happy to say, "This closet is all mine" don't have to share.

"Imagine and it will happen"
But first I need to measure and buy the wood, nails, screws, glue, mollies and paint.

Sounds like a lot of work I know but "Imagine and it will happen"

May seem a bit crude to some but here are my designs for each wall.  Now to get some good measurements and have my local Home Depot Guy cut each piece of wood to fit.  They always never do me wrong when cutting. 

Now I've done other projects in my home. The pantry 

Also I built my 

I found out putting up wood shelving is really easy as long as your measurements are accurate.   It's a bit  time consuming but I've got the time and the want and that is all I need!

* * * * *

Today the wire shelves came out, I spackled the holes and tomorrow a fresh coat of white paint go's on the walls.

Update, wood ordered and the building of my shelves,will begin on Thursday!

"Wish me luck"
I'll post more as the closet reno progresses.

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Pondside said...

I'll be watching, with interest, as my closet resembles your 'before' photos, right down to the weird shape.

Anonymous said...

Very nice dear, I can't wait to see the results but then you have always done a good job!!

Vicki/Jake said...

I need to get here more often and see how well you closet turns out..