I'm on a Scavenger Hunt once again...

It's time for Scavenger Hunt once again and I'm in...

Today's words,
Close up
With Mirror
* * * * * 

Sidewalk,  I took this shot when the guys were taking up my front sidewalk.

 Now this is Inspiring.  
The cooks  at our local Italian market were  making, by hand,  all this wonderful Pasta

 Time, it takes a lot of time  especially for me to knit a cable design on a winter scarf.

Close up... while at a local feed store looking for chicks I came across this rather odd looking chicken. She was not at all amused with my trying to take her close up.

With Mirror 
I found myself wandering around my home looking for something 'with mirror'... then I thought, hey, upstairs in my master closet.. I've been working on it all week, putting in new BHG style white wood shelving. The mirror will be incorporated into the shelving, once it's finished.

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Pondside said...

Clever you, to get this post up so quickly and to find all those images!

Patrice said...

Nice your knitting in Time!

Ashley Sisk said...

Great interpretations - I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day and week.

MG Atwood said...

Wow to that chicken! Amazing!! I spent yesterday chasing my son's chicks trying to get them in a safer spot...ohhhhh what a job. Love your sidewalk shot, and inspiring. Happy week to you.

Pia said...

Great set of pictures! That chick scares me :-/
Pia xx

Christine E-E said...

SIDEWALK & the MIRROR shot... looks as if you have a lot of activity happening around your place.... love-ly shots this week,

Karen said...

Great set! That chicken would have scared me! I want to go buy some of that pasta. :)

Leslie said...

Beautiful Kit shot! We have a chicken like that.

Barefoot Blue Jean Life said...

Great photos. Chickens are so cute!

Seizing My Day said...

classic side walk! funny! and yes.. those chickens are hilarious! =)