Rambeling about Earthquakes....

My daughter and her Coast Guard husband are in the process of being shipped out of Guam. Their on to a new duty station, sector OKC.
For the past few days they have been living with their three small boys,  out of the Weston Hotel on the island of Guam waiting for their flight this weekend to return back to the states.  Although over joyed with the move, Gina said, "Mom there was an earthquake this morning that shook this hotel and it was not a good feeling.  Being in our house was just different when the earth shook. We were closer to the ground".
The whole family is very used to shaking at least once a week for the past three years but being on the 14th floor was a bit different. 
It's got this grandma sitting here holding her breath for them.  It's been a long 3 years.

I knew earthquakes happen every so often in different parts of the world but had no idea there were so many.
Took this list from the Real Time Earthquake USGS map.
All I can say is "Dang"

2.716km w of alberto oviedo mota, mexico32.209°N115.346°W3.5
5.0off the east coast of honshu, japan37.350°N144.758°E10.0
4.416km ese of ula, turkey37.021°N28.574°E18.0
4.516km ne of cuajinicuilapa, mexico16.561°N98.292°W9.3
2.94km w of cobb, california38.825°N122.776°W1.7
2.522km nne of soledad, california36.614°N121.223°W6.2
4.870km n of port-olry, vanuatu14.421°S167.172°E169.6
4.790km e of namie, japan37.613°N142.006°E36.7
4.6north indian ocean2.319°N89.828°E14.3
2.99km nne of desert edge, california34.001°N116.401°W3.6
4.755km w of rota, northern mariana islands14.089°N144.693°E184.6
2.650km wsw of seward, alaska59.884°N150.237°W44.4
4.832km ese of iwaki, japan36.960°N141.234°E5.1

You will notice this list is just yesterday and today.
I'm remembering being on the phone with my daughter for hours while they waited for the Japan, Tsunami to hit Guam.  That was a bit of terror on my part.  Thankfully it did not!
I'm so glad Florida does not get shaken by earthquakes often!

Enjoy your week everyone!




Gail said...

Earthquakes are scary. Although we have few, they are noticed. Our closest fault in the New Madrid fault line.

The first time I felt an earthquake, I thought I was getting sick. The concrete floor felt like it rippled under me. I looked up and someone said, Did you feel that? Then I knew I wasn't crazy or sick.

I can't imagine being somewhere they happen all the time.

NixBlog said...

That "ring of fire" around the Pacific rim produces some nasty earthquakes with amazing regularity. Fortunately, Australia in on a really stable ancient earth plate and we don;t get earthquakes at all often and minor when they do happen. However,I have experienced severe earthquakes in Greece and your daughter is right, they are VERY scary!