Florals and the Patio

 Spent my day inside hiding from our 96' day.. someone told me it was almost Fall?  I thought  it would be a good time to decorate,  while the guys tore apart my front sidewalk.

With all the silk fall floral I had stored for the year,  I made a few table arrangements.
Just took a vase, stuffed it with a plastic bag then popped in a few stems.  I'm not fussy!

 The Taco dish I have not used all year was the perfect color for a centerpiece.

 Took a few of the rocks I  found on the beach in Michigan this past summer,  to anchor the stems in the dish.

 A bit of Spanish Moss.


 While I was arranging,  I took a peek outside the front window to see the guys busy with the sledge hammer... all the stone broke easier than we all thought.  It's been there since the early 80's.

"I just love to watch other people work"

  The space started out nice a few years ago but then the rain kept it a mud pile and also the snakes were living under the dirt and scared me when I first opened the door.  These snakes are harmless black garden snakes, but I still don't like them!

My minds eye is seeing a nice braided design,  paver floor with a few easy chairs, foot stools, small table for my coffee cup and a few large decorative pots with floral color.  The large oak tree provides shade most of the day so it's a perfect spot for winters in Florida.

Clean and ready for the floor to be laid.

  I thought of laying the floor myself but leveling the space might be a bit much for me... I'll give it a good try.   Mr N called a handy man yesterday and he will be out today with a price.  If it is a good one, I think I'll let him do it for me.   The bricks are here along with the sand and all the supplies.

This is going to be a good weekend!

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If I did not know how wild mushrooms could kill me, if I ate them, I might have taken these beauties into my kitchen and stuffed and baked them..  
Look how Big they are.
When we go through weeks of rain as we have this past few months, the wild mushrooms usually take over my lawn.


 There I was, to the amusement of my neighbors, in the grass when the sun first came up, to get a few shots of these really beautiful, perfectly formed, Mushrooms!


  My reasons for being out at the crack of dawn was to inspect my front steps and walk way.
A Tree root has grown to the point of moving my walk way out of shape and soon someone was  going to trip and fall.  Then I'll have to pay for them to mend their broken leg!


 While I waited for the lawn guys to arrive to remove the entire sidewalk, I pulled all the planting in the space, then I measured the area for brand new paver's to not only replace the sidewalk, but to create a front patio of sorts.  One I can put a bench or a white wooden rocker, foot stool and a glass of Ice Tea,  while I sit outside and work on my blog or read.  This is the space that will be my next project.

I feel like "Ma" on the Golden Girls,,, 
Picture this, Sicily 2011.... Beautiful terra cotta pavers in a really nice design covering the entire area.  No dirt or plants of any kind in the ground  (well, some really nice potted plants of course),  to create a front patio of sorts..
A window box? 
That is a decision for another time?

Good bye ugly, wet, dirty front!
And NO, I did not cook those really beautiful Mushrooms!
To be continued!

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Christmas is just around the corner and I've been busy knitting.  This was the perfect weekend for me to sit in front of the TV, but a trying time for all Americans while we "Remembered 9/11"

I also spent my days with a few good friends,  "Ice and Whining"  they were such a comfort to my poor mouth that went through two root canals this past Thursday and Friday.
All I have to say about that,

"It was not fun"!!

JoAnns had such nice yarn this year.   Sequins were showing in many of the designs and this one will be for my grand daughter who lives in Juneau.   She is a brand new Teen and will so enjoy the sparkle.   She'll  also need all the warmth she can get during the up-coming winter months.

Trying my hand at 'cable stitches' I think it turned out quite nice. 
Not too many mistakes?

 The "Silver Grey" color is not showing very well in the photos but this scarf is really pretty.  I live in hot Florida and never have the need to wear a scarf.   But, I have plenty of family members that will be getting a new set of Hats and Scarves for their Christmas gifts this year.
Lets see, I have 4 sets finished so far.   Maybe I could make a nice light weight cotton scarf for me.   I do get a few days that I may put on a sweater during the month of February.   Sad don't you think?

What gifts have you completed for the Christmas season this year?
If you haven't started shopping, the holidays are fast approaching!

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