Saturday finds

After a few weeks of being on lock down I was able to get out today, with my sister by my side.. we went to a few garage sales, and had such a laughing good time.

I found such a sweet lamp... don't know where I'll use it or I may send it on to my daughter.. she is like me, loves boudoir lamps. This one was all of $3.00.

 Here are two angel candle sticks.. both for $4.00

Someone needs to tell me what this would be called... it's rather cute.. dish with balls? There are cut mirrors on the side and they are heavy.

 I just loved it and paid $3.00 for it.  May also be sent to my daughter.

Such a sweet little lamp.
 sorry about the fuzzy photo

I had to laugh when I bought these... I'm not one to buy just because they are cute.. but they are my finds for the week.
It felt good to get out in the beautiful weather today...I was bad though.. stopped at MackeyD's and had an Egg-McMuffin... ew ew, salt!  This little breakfast sandwich has over 800mg's of salt and my daily intake is 1000... my bad!  
I'm feeling great!


halloween door hang

My sister came to help me out this past week and brought a really nice door hang that she  made on her embroidery machine....

 Although the door hang is cute on it's own it was hard to see on my white front door, so I got to work adding a bit of color to let it stand out!

 I took a piece of orange foam and cut out a pumpkin shape and hot glued the embroidered hanging to it.. then added a few fall silk flowers.

 Went around the edges of the shape with my black sharpie.

 Amazing what a few silk flowers can do...

 Then I needed to add a bit more contrast,  the word "BOO" seemed appropriate.  Again I used my black sharpie and simply cut it out then hot glued to the pumpkin.

 A ghost is needed.. what is Halloween without a ghost! I used some scrap batting for this. 

 I could add a few more things but did not want it too busy.. besides this complex where I live never has trick or treat'ers come by... it's just for us to enjoy!

"Flight Night"

For all of you that sent me best wishes this past week, I wanted to add an update to this post...  I am doing great after the 11 days since my heart surgery.. feeling good and even happier to have had the bandage and stitches out yesterday!  I can itch it now!  And I can drive.. so it's off to do lunch with my really wonderful sister!
Thanks to everyone for your concern! 
I'm feeling great!

"Happy Fall"

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