Everyone is getting nervous, Isaac is coming....

Here I am getting my suitcase together for my flight to Oklahoma City tomorrow and the Tampa Bay area just got their 5:00pm report on Isaac.

Before reaching Florida waters, Isaac will batter the northern Caribbean islands from the Leewards to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola and Cuba. 
During the next few days Isaac will most likely strengthen to a Category 1 or 2 hurricane. My area is worried and officials told everyone to start getting their "plan" in order.   This is what separates us from those getting earthquakes and tornado's, we have 4 days notice.
Oh, did I mention right behind #9, Isaac is #10, you can see her on the map below... the fun of living in the tropics.

 The town  is getting a bit nervous and  telling all the RNC people it may be cancelled. Can you imagine 60thousand people are coming this weekend for the 4 day event... to start on Monday, the same day they expect a hurricane to hit. The Mayor said we need to protect our people and to not worry about politics.

 County officials said that they have been in constant contact with RNC officials about the potential storm threat. He also said there may be no need for evacuation in downtown Tampa even if a Category 1 hurricane was approaching.

Much of the area around the convention site is low-lying and near the water. But I wonder how will they get to the venues with the downpours and winds?  No one is talking about that as most are staying on the Clearwater Beach hotels.. how will they get to Tampa, the causeways will all be shut down?  When heavy winds  come they put  tractor trailers on each end of the 4 to 8 mile man made roads, to shut them down.  The water surge will put about 6' of water over the Courtney Causeway. This road starts on Clearwater Beach and travels east to Tampa.

Should be interesting to say the least... but, then Isaac may just go somewhere else?  
In the mean time before I leave tomorrow I must take down all my flower pots from the deck and line them along the house walls. My car needs it's cover put on.. I'll be busy!  Better safe than sorry!

Ok... not for me to be nervous about.
I'll be having a good time with my grandsons and will not think about "Is my house still standing".  
Good thoughts here!

Everyone living on the Gulf Coast please be safe!

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All this rain has brought out the Snails....

We have had quite a few weeks of rain and they say it's only going to get worse as the next week comes.  I went out to see how the flowers on my deck were taking all the wind, rain and ucky heat  we have had and I saw snails on everything.
The Hoya had some really nice blooms. I'm happy to say the snails did not like the taste and moved on to more appealing greenery.


Then I saw how happy the Poinsettias were out in all that weather.  I kept two left over from the holidays and put them in a large pot.  They grow wonderful here in Florida and you can see many very large bushes in neighboring yards.  These will go out back if the rain ever stops and somehow right on que as Christmas approaches they will start to bloom their beautiful red color.

That is if the snails don't eat them all gone!
Didn't I read somewhere this plant was poison?  It's not killing the snails!

I do know there is a Snail Bait product on the market,  to kill these little pests but my yard is completely organic and green... I just can't kill anything unless I use a natural product. I have said in previous posts my yard is registered with  National Wildlife Federation and is a Backyard Habitat. So these little buggers get to eat my plants!

Then I saw nothing but stems left on my parsley. 

The rain is to continue were were told.  A tropical something will be coming next week and also there is another system in the Atlantic and NOAA said to "Watch this One".
Guess I should smile about this because I will not be in Florida for the next month.
I'm flying to Oklahoma to spend some much needed time with my three grandsons who finally came back to the States. If I'm lucky I might get to feel Fall as it comes into the Midwest in September.

I'm so happy!
While in OKC I'll try to take a few moments to gather some photos and do a post or two on my visit.  
Stay dry everyone and have a great transition into Fall!

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