Gardenias for May Day

Every May 1st, as I was growing up my Mom would give flowers to those she cared about, for "May Day" 
She called it a "May Basket" and would slip the handle of the basket filled with Spring flowers on the door knob of their house or room.

Since I can't hang a basket of Spring flowers on your door knobs,  I thought of sharing my Gardenias with all of you.

 The Gardenia bush has started to fade... literally a hundred blooms came and went in about 6 days.  Today I brought in as many as I could save into the house.

 This is one flowering bush I wish would bloom all summer long.  But as we all know Mother Nature has chosen only a short time during the Spring to display these wonderful flowers.

I have the vase of these beautiful flowers standing on my desk and the fragrance is overwhelming at first, but such a 
lovely smell.

"Happy May"
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Coopers Bayou Park

 "Great Blue Heron"

There is a park within walking distance from my home,  in a quaint little town.  "The Coopers Bayou Park" is so beautiful and very well maintained by the town.

 The wildlife is very aware of  humans all around the park and are weary, but not afraid to let you get close

I crept very slowly to get closer and closer to a gator, but just as I took the shot his eyes went under.  I stayed for a few moments hoping he would come back up but no luck.  He was however under there watching me.

 This bird makes me laugh.  He is what most of us call a "snake bird".  He swims under water and can stay down for several minutes while he fishes on the bottom.  If you think your following him, he will reappear quite a distance from where your eyes last saw him.
The snake bird name comes from the very long neck that appears  while he gets a new gulp of air and go's back under.
Here he is in the photo drying his wet wings in the sun.

I have been coming to this park several times a week to walk.  It's so beautiful.  I feel safe here as there are literally dozens of people at any given time running, walking, riding their bikes  or using the exercise equipment put around every corner.  There are even  misting machines. You just have to push the button and cool water is sprayed on you.
This past week our weather was just beautiful.  
The temp was in the 90's, humid,  with big puffy clouds in the sky.

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I love this store

This past week  I went to my favorite store.  I'm lucky it's not close to me because I'd be there all the time.  I first learned of this southern chain when I lived in Ft. Lauderdale. They have anything you might want for the home...china, silk floral, garden supplies, rugs, sheets, towels and of course Pottery.

The place is huge and I call it, for a first time shopper, a 4 hour store.  

The silk flower dept is endless and if you can't find it here then you will not find it at any other store.....
As funny as it may be the only thing I left with was some cereal bowls and a wind chime.. I mean how much of this stuff can one buy?  It's a good 35 minute ride from me so I go maybe once every 3 months just to see what is new.
If your ever in the Georgia or Florida area be sure to put this store on your list of must see... bring a trailer with you because you will want everything.  The prices are just wonderful.  Water glasses for a quarter, dinner plates $1.99. The list is endless.
My wind chime is a good size and has a nice tone.... $9.99

Old Time needs to pay me for this advertisement :)  but they did not.. I just wanted to share the store with all who have never been to one...

"Happy Shopping"




This is a complaining post.

I have had enough of the junk mail that is put in my box each and every day. 
For some reason Wednesdays is the worst and I've had enough.

 Several times a year our USPS raises the price of postage and if they would stop delivering all this junk mail there would be no need for the extra machines, employees and postage that is needed to sort and deliver this stuff.

 I don't want it in my box.
I don't want it delivered to me.
 "I want it to stop"

 The ugly thing about all this junk mail.. this is what it looks like in my box.  
A mumbo-jumbo mixed up mess!

Many years ago I lived in an apartment complex that put a trash can right next to the mail boxes.  That was nice because we could just take the junk from the mail box and deposit it into the trash and not have to carry it home.  I asked my HOA to put such a trash can next to our communal mail boxes but they said no.  They make us carry it home.  Also  I'm guilty of not even looking or reading the junk and once, to Mr. N's horror,  I almost tossed a letter with a check in it... how was I to know this unknown insurance company was sending me money?  The only letters I might open are those from the credit card companies trying to give me another credit card. Don't want the trash can diggers to open it and send away for a card with my name on it.  These I shred.

There is no need to complain to the poor guy or woman who delivers it all.. they are just doing their job and are as tired of delivering all this junk mail  as I am getting it.
Who do I complain to? Who would listen to me?
For all of you who work for the USPS I'm sorry for my complaints.  To all the businesses that make this stuff and send it out to the general public, do you know how many of us do not even look at it?  What a waist of trees to make this paper and what a waist of postage.
Stop the madness!

(Ok, I'll stop now.  I'm done.  Thank you for listening.)

* * * *

A Friend told me how she deals with this junk mail.

"I save all the prepaid envelopes that come from junk mail. Then I put junk mail from other companies in it and return it to them. I send part of the weekly ads to Discover card, part of them to Citi card etc. If I take my time to look through their junk mail someone there has to take time to look through my junk mail. I shred anything with my name on it and put it in my compost pile. That's all the junk mail is good for".

Love it!


Yesterday the Trumpet Tree was in full bloom. 

Then the rains came last night
Rainy season  is starting.  That means every day around 2pm it will thunder storm for an hour or three.... It knocked many of the blooms off the tree.. boohoo!

The nice thing about the Trumpet, it continues to bloom all summer.

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Potting Table

When we bought this town house 6 years ago we found the deck was rotting so finally two years ago we had the deck replaced.

The builders gave me all the left over wood and I started building myself.
I first made two benches then had the great idea to make a Potting Table.

I have used this potting table every day and It's starting to look rather grungy. Although it's treated wood I'm afraid the many rain storms and my potting soil  is going to rot it faster. I also use the hose on it at least 4 times a week.  We did have the deck sealed and stained dark brown to match the outdoor wooded area we live in. 

Time to seal and paint the potting table.

I first thought of a color and almost went to my local HD to buy paint but then I thought about the many cans of paint stored... so I mixed three colors and came out with a rather nice blue. But first I applied an exterior primer.

The color was rather bright and it looked new so I mixed a bit of stain with glaze and applied it ....

Yes... the weathered look.

Although the space is rather small and I still have to store most of my gardening supplies in the store room... this table is perfect for potting.

Looks messy. 
Just as a well used potting  table should be!

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