Bonnie Fizzled out...

As you all know "TS #2", other wise known as "Bonnie" fizzled out. But, before the storm started heading our way,  then aimed herself at the  "Gulf"...   I "almost" had a really nice surprise!

This past Thursday my "Son" was going to surprise me and drive down from New Orleans to visit on his 4 day leave..

I'm a "Proud Momma" and have not seen him in quite some time.. He is a  "Lt. USCG" and has been in the upper "Gulf" directing a team of "Coast Guard Personnel" with the clean up of the Oil Spill... Well, they gave him 4 days off... so on Thursday he set out for the 8 hr drive to "Clearwater"  to see me... "When he got the call" ..... "Come Back".. we have to evacuate the Gulf waters  because "Bonnie, TS  #2" was on the way this weekend... Poor guy already drove into Florida and sent me a cell phone photo of the "Welcome to Florida sign" just to prove it...

Thats my boy!!

I don't think I need to say "How Proud of him I am" for all his dedication to the spill and the work he does.. He has been in the CG since right after High School.. yes 19 years now.  I think he is a bit disappointed with his call to the Gulf though.. He lives in upper Michigan, right on the Canadian Border where he inspects vessels in the waters there.  He just got married on July 2, and had to leave his new bride for almost two months with this duty... But as I said, "He is dedicated to his work" and I'm sure Michelle understands.

honeymoon photo, "Michelle and Tom"

Hopefully "T" will get a bit more time off after the Storm leaves the area? I'm just praying, now that all the personnel and ships in the Gulf must leave for a few days, the storm does not do more damage to the oil floating around the waters.. let it stay in the waters and not be pushed up into the marshlands.

When I walked out the back door this morning I felt the difference in the air.. it's kinda 'greenie' out and the wind has picked up... you can always tell when a storm is brewing, even tho it's miles away.
So I thought I'd better get a shot of my "Trumpet Tree". It's in full bloom this morning and the storm will totally destroy the flowers.

The flowers are about 6-8" long and 4" wide and so beautiful. But, very delicate and only last bout two days.

Hopefully "Bonnie" will just be a "Wet Event" and not cause much trouble to all those working so hard in the "Gulf"

My hat is off to everyone dedicated to 'Containing' the oil!   
"Job Well Done" to all involved..
Now, "Go away Bonnie"!!



For the past 30 something years my Sister has been  looking for her "BFF" from High School.  We all went our separate ways after graduation and were not able to keep in touch.. Then this year we found 'Dana' through the wonderful world of the internet..... She is living just 4 hours from my home... in Gainsville, Fl.
We took a drive to her home and spent the most wonderful weekend 'catching up' on all the years gone by.

Dolly and Dana went through the old "Year Book" and laughed so hard (yes, pee your pants kinda laughing)  at all the old friends and photos of 'days gone by".... what a wonderful reunion they had!  I was even able to see my old boyfriends photo in that book.. I was two years behind these wonderful women... how we all laughed!

 "Dana and Dolly"

I'm writing this post "In honor of Dana"..."Sadly she was diagnosed with a brain tumor" just a few months ago and has been struggling to overcome this nasty disease called "Cancer".... she is now doing the best she can after 'surgery and chemo' .... 

Dana has the most wonderful support system.. "Her Family"... they have been getting her out and about to do all the things 'that make her happy' .. then this past few weeks, she did a few things on her "Bucket List".... Oh, how I wish we were there to see her "spiraling toward the Earth"... She said "She loved every minute of it!"

Yes.. this crazy brave woman went "Sky Diving" and was thrilled with herself.... You go girl!!!

My sisters comment on the whole thing.... "How we spend our lives trying to do the right things to stay safe, then when we are faced with a life crisis we go out and do those things we were so afraid of'!!  Well said, Dolly!

I wanted to send my love and support to "Dana and her Family"... what a wonderful woman she is, and how wonderful it has been for her, and my sister to reconnect once again!  Dolly will be here in October and we
plan to go up and visit with Dana again..  "So, Dana get out the "Pina Coladas"... we will be there soon!

"Sister Dolly and her High School BFF,  Dana"



This past few months I came across this very large clump of leaves growing and it just kept getting taller.. I had no idea where it came from, or who in the 6 years I've lived in this house, planted it.  Each day there after I watched it get taller and taller.. almost 3' now.  This was the first year it grew. (?))

Then one morning I walked to the back of the property and there was a "Pink Bud" starting... hmmmm, wonder what that is? A stalk came out of the ground on the side of the plant, not in the center?  I went to the internet looking for images of flowers, bulb and seed?

I came up with this....


Crinum were first described during the mid-18th century by Linnaeus.   Crinum species are found in Africa, the United States, tropical Asia, the Carribean, and Australia.   In recent years, several new species of Crinum have been identified in Madagascar.

In the United States crinum have been cultivated for nearly two centuries.   They are quite common in the South, California and Gulf Coast areas, but may be nearly unknown in northern states.   Old cultivars have been found at cemeteries, in bar ditches, and old homesteads, testifying to the hardiness of the species.

 Very nice indeed!  Now I do have "Red Amaryllid " in the front yard and they look similar to this and from what I have read, the "Crinum" is in the same family.  The spot in the back of the yard is really hard dry soil and I want to dig up this bulb and move it, maybe in the Fall? Wonder if there will be off shoots and more than one bulb?

I went out this morning with hopes of getting another shot (photo) of the plant, with more than one Bloom opened but our really violent Thunder storm, and heavy rain last night really did some damage to the blooms.. yes, it's all broken on the stalk... oh well, guess I'll have to wait till next year to see it again.

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30 years

Looking back at the  past 30 years I'm amazed I'm still here to talk about this...
I married the most amazing, crazy man,  who has put up with so many of my alter egos.  We have children and family who have taken us in so many different directions.. We also have shared a love that would rival 
"Bogie and Bacall" 
Together we worked long hours, side by side, creating our dream business. Moved several times to different States and finally settled in Florida to enjoy our retirement. An Illness that almost took my life brought us back to see the light, the one that glowed in our early days.
Times have been hard for the two of us and also a delight to see how far we have come together.  
Here I sit at my laptop thinking back.  The babies we cradled and raised to adulthood. How proud we are of all our kids and they have brought us both great joy and sadness. No matter, their our kids and we love them with all our heart. It's funny how kids can teach 'us' how to be adults. We give up so much to make their lives happy and healthy... Now I look back and I'm proud of me for the mom I was and am. Although all of our kids are off and on their own, with children of their own, "how I miss their day to day being in my home". I want them to come back, then I don't, because I know they have their own lives. But it's tough when you devote your entire being into raising good responsible kids,  "They leave" (I say that with a big smile).

Oh, the things this past 30 years have taught me. How to share, how to give, how to love and how to do with and without...Know what, "I would not change anything in the past 30 years".. well maybe one thing, "I'd like to be given the chance to hold my new born babies, just one more time"...

All I can think tonight is "Whow, I've been married for 30 years".. sounds like a long time.. but, how the years have flown by... so many people have come into my life and also how many people have left it... Two very important people, that I miss more than I can say,,"My Mom" and "My Brother". They both thought this marriage "would never last"..haha, so many people thought the same thing when we first married.... 
I guess I could "sugar coat" the years but I'll be honest.. we all have our up's and down's in marriage, but we finally  found a way to stick it out and make it work.. we got over the hard times, hung in there, and found out we want to be together. Sometimes I think more people need to work harder at marriage.. most give up much too easy when times get tough.   
When two people have everything they want and need, what do you get for your husband on this special day?  Don't laugh, "A package of Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies". Of all the things on this Earth, "Cookies" would make him smile the most.

July 19

"Happy Anniversary" to Mr. Neither and I.. Whow!