For the past 30 something years my Sister has been  looking for her "BFF" from High School.  We all went our separate ways after graduation and were not able to keep in touch.. Then this year we found 'Dana' through the wonderful world of the internet..... She is living just 4 hours from my home... in Gainsville, Fl.
We took a drive to her home and spent the most wonderful weekend 'catching up' on all the years gone by.

Dolly and Dana went through the old "Year Book" and laughed so hard (yes, pee your pants kinda laughing)  at all the old friends and photos of 'days gone by".... what a wonderful reunion they had!  I was even able to see my old boyfriends photo in that book.. I was two years behind these wonderful women... how we all laughed!

 "Dana and Dolly"

I'm writing this post "In honor of Dana"..."Sadly she was diagnosed with a brain tumor" just a few months ago and has been struggling to overcome this nasty disease called "Cancer".... she is now doing the best she can after 'surgery and chemo' .... 

Dana has the most wonderful support system.. "Her Family"... they have been getting her out and about to do all the things 'that make her happy' .. then this past few weeks, she did a few things on her "Bucket List".... Oh, how I wish we were there to see her "spiraling toward the Earth"... She said "She loved every minute of it!"

Yes.. this crazy brave woman went "Sky Diving" and was thrilled with herself.... You go girl!!!

My sisters comment on the whole thing.... "How we spend our lives trying to do the right things to stay safe, then when we are faced with a life crisis we go out and do those things we were so afraid of'!!  Well said, Dolly!

I wanted to send my love and support to "Dana and her Family"... what a wonderful woman she is, and how wonderful it has been for her, and my sister to reconnect once again!  Dolly will be here in October and we
plan to go up and visit with Dana again..  "So, Dana get out the "Pina Coladas"... we will be there soon!

"Sister Dolly and her High School BFF,  Dana"


Granny J said...

I'm glad Dolly was able to reconnect with Dana. She looks so cute in the skydiving suit. Cancer has touched my family also. It's a word that brings fear to my heart when I hear it. Best wishes for Dana.

Debbie said...

Cancer has tried to rob the joy of my family and friends repeatedly.

I just LOVE that Dana laughed in the face of that *thief* and hit the skies!! Way to go, and adding my prayers that she is victorious over the monster.

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Our prayers are with Dana and her family. How wonderful though for your sister to get to reconnect with her after all these years!

Sherry said...

What an inspiring story. It is great to see someone who is embracing life in the face of adversity. It is so great that your sister and her friend could reconnect.

Lourie said...

She is an inspiration. I am glad you all were able to get find each other after 30 years. Awesome.

Linda said...

Such an inspiring post! I'm so glad you all reconnected!

La Maison Reid said...

What a nice story! Any you're right ... the internet is just wonderful. I, too have found people I worked with 30 years ago and high school friends from 40 years ago. Gotten together with a few and it's like we saw each other yesterday! What fun!

Herb said...

Hi ladies...I am Dana's oldest son and her biggest fan!

She is such an inspiration to my wife and I - I know that she will also have big impact on our two small girls ( ages 2 and 7 mo.).

She is a tough one - doctors told her that she "might" have 1-2 years but they don't know her.

Her strength, faith and peace in Christ is such an example for us all. :)


P.S. you can follow her at