Orchids, Orchids Everywhere. . .

 I'm taking you to an Orchid Show  I walked through at our local Botanical Gardens.
There were thousands of these beautiful plants for sale and I was so very good, and only bought one.

The plant was sitting on the ground in a plastic bag, no pot  or soil. Just lots of roots. It was about 5 lbs in weight, and oh so beautiful.
As soon as our weather warms a bit it will grace the old oak tree in my front yard, along with my other 6 Orchids. These Orchids are simply tied to the tree and survive on only the bark, sun and rain. 

There were both indoor and outdoor rooms set up with the most beautiful   
I was in Heaven.

I can't tell you how hard it was for me to not  buy all of them.

 The colors were simply delicious.

Of all the plants and flowers on the Earth, I think the Orchid just might be my favorite.

Stay warm everyone!

"Have a great weekend"

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I Just Can't Bring Myself to Wear Shoes This Tall...

 I,  like most women, love shoes and have many  in my closet.

 Heels are my favorite but I don't get many opportunities to wear them anymore. Besides my back hates tall heels.

I was shopping the other day and just had to snap some photos of the shoes I saw.  I did not laugh because I know how the style changes with each year but some of these just had me wondering, 
"Who wears them"?
  Most of my friends prefer the classics and I really don't see anyone wearing the new style of heels.
This pair would be for when I go to the "Ball"

I joined the "Red Hat Society" this past month and this pair would be great for their annual "Fashion Show"  I'll be attending at "Ruth Eckerd Hall" next month.

The pink floral on this pair would be great for a 
"Brides Maid"

I'm afraid I just don't know where I'd wear these. Or what I'd wear with them?

These would be perfect with my black leather pants.

Now I might just wear these with a nice business suit.

A black cocktail dress would be perfect with this shiny pair, except I just can't wear open toes.  
But I really like this shoe.

I'm still trying to figure out what to wear with this pair, and am afraid  I might just hurt myself walking in them?

Of all the shoes I found, this pair is my favorite.  They would be perfect to work in the garden.   Their water proof and look  like they might just keep me from sliding down the slope of my yard.

What do you think of the new trend in shoes and do you have any girlfriends who wear this new style of high heels?
Have a great weekend everyone!


Garage Sale Finds for January

 Look what I found this past weekend.
I've been wanting a comfee chair to put in my bedroom.  Somewhere I could sit and do my needle work.  The chair is sturdy and very comfortable.  I'm  refinishing the wood white, and recovering with a new quilted fabric. (I'm hand quilting the fabric in the evenings while watching TV) 
Here is a sneak peak.

The best part, the chair was only $5.00
Funny part of this,  the fabric is costing me so much more than the chair. But then I  love refinishing furniture so this is not a chore for me.  It's fun! 


I started the work this week by taking the old denim fabric that was used to cover it.  The chair was hand painted a dull off brown/cream color of sorts.  It was sticky with age. Then I started removing the side panel that was once rattan. 

I used the electric sander on the wood, as there was much to sand.   I had to removed as much of the paint as possible because as I said, it was sticky and I'm finding I could just peel it off the existing wood.

Another of my finds,  a really nice heavy wicker basket with a lid.
This will be painted white and used in the upstairs bathroom as my new trash can.
I love the idea of a lid. Who wants to see the trash!

  Today I started painting the chair.  I used a primer then  the first coat of spray paint.
Lookin good!

Once I get more work done on both of my finds, I'll be sure to share the finished product.

* * * * *

 Now that the Holidays are behind us the towns around me, here in the Tampa Bay area, are back in garage sale mode and there are plenty to choose from.
I know winter is upon everyone up North but we are in the chilly 50's and 60's.  Perfect weather for yard and garage sales. I'll be back out on Saturday looking for a new (new to me)  floor lamp and foot stool for my new sitting area in my bedroom.
Hope your all having a warm January.

Happy Friday the 13th 

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