I have a lot to be thankful for this year.
I made it to see another Thanksgiving and coming from a family with bad hearts, this is  huge! 
My older brother Tom died 26 years ago on "Thanksgiving Day" from his heart troubles...and each year this day is bitter sweet for our family. It's very hard for me to know "I'm older than my brother".

For the first time I have my sister with me on Thanksgiving.  This will be her first  in the states in 50 years, so this one is very special for us all....
I would love to have all our family,  there might be about 40 of us scattered around the world but I'm again thankful everyone is healthy and happy! 
My mother-in-law,, I'm so thankful for her on this day... she will celebrate her 99th birthday on the 25th of November... Bless you Momma Helen!

I've taken a short break from my blog this month... as hard as it was... but I needed some down time to recoup and to spend some quality time with my sister. She will be here until early December and I will not see her for another year!
She and I were (and still are) very close all our life but we parted when I was only 19,, she married and lived in the middle east and I came back to the states to live.. we saw each other, one, maybe two times a year and this was very hard on us both,  but we have remained very good friends and it makes my heart smile to have her in my life.

 My daughters home.

During this past month I've been working on a crochet table cloth for my daughter, the one living in Guam... she has a dining room table that no one makes cloths for.  It has a large triangle glass top.   I offered to make her one. Last night she sent photos of her table with the cloth and I'm thrilled to see "It fits".  I was given the measurements in an e'mail and did my best but I think it needs to be a bit longer on the sides... she is happy and that is all that matters.

I think it took most of the month of November for me to crochet.  I might have worked on it two hours each day.. I carried it with me to doctor visits... I had maybe 5 this month then while  watching TV in the evenings.
I found crochet to be very soothing, and it keeps me grounded and calm.

Gina lives on a Navy base and does not have access to the stores we all enjoy here in the states.. she was very happy to receive her cloth just in time for her Thanksgiving dinner.

yes, it needs to be a bit longer

Today was spent shopping for our Thanksgiving dinner.. going from store to store, for napkins... I know, it's late and all the stores had none.  I found some simple dishcloths, perfect size and color... tied some festive garland around them and they are perfect!  The photo below is my prototype.   I will have maybe 8 persons for dinner so it's not going to be a lot of work.. well maybe the cooking part. Turkey, Ham, Ribeye and all the trimmings!  ( got to please everyone, especially my sister)!  Dolly will be making her special Chestnut stuffing and I'm ready for it now.

My dish cloth napkins. Tomorrow I'll finish working on the tablescape.

I want to take this time to say  "Happy Thanksgiving" to everyone and wish you all happiness and much love in your lives!